Bucket Collection A Rattling Good Job

May 10, 2006

[image1] No doubt you will have seen the many collectors we have at the Memorial Stadium at every home match. All the collectors are dedicated, hard working people who believe passionately  that they are all collecting for a worthwhile charity that really needs our support. There is no doubt that without these people attempting to releive us of our loose change, many would be all the poorer.

At the Macclesfield game it was decided to hold a buckt collection for the Supporters Club Share Scheme. Share Scheme Chair and Associate Director David Brain had these thoughts; ” It is a continual uphill task to keep recruiting new members to the BRSC Share Scheme, particularly whilst on the pitch many want to see more improvement than that they have witnessed. We have the makings of a fantastic scheme here, with over £1/2 put into the club to buy shares so far. We have to continue to find new ways to compliment our memberships’ monthly contributions.”

The collection raised almost £220 on Saturday, and David thanked all those who took part in helping to carry the collecting buckets.


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