Kim Stuckey Speaks

June 8, 2006


We must all be concerned at the events of the past few days and I do feel a duty to explain some of the things I believe have been said on Radio Bristol.

I joined the board at the same time as Mike Turl and like him have been worried about the difficulties in understanding the financial controls and decision-making, allowing to overruns on the playing budgets and long term player contracts.

Mike has worked tirelessly with the financial team in the club and the supporters Finance Advisory Group to get proper budgets in place and reduce operating losses.

Mike made an offer to fund a very substantial cash injection to cover the clubs operating losses and to help prepare for stadium redevelopment. In return he wanted day to day control of the finances of the club, working with the staff, Kevin Spencer, Supporters Club and bringing together all support groups to re-engender the feeling of us all being in it together.

The difficulty was that this proposal involved the stepping down of the Chairman and Vice Chair where a new chairman (not Mike) could be sought to inject additional funds and give the club a fresh start.

This proposal foundered on the issue of the positions of the board members involved and has not been heard by the board formally.

As the Supporters Club director I want to hear an alternative financial plan to take the club forward coupled with the involvement of the support groups. If these alternative plans involve the principles of stadium ownership, all support group involvement, careful financial budgeting, a cash injection to cover our losses, giving Lennie and Paul the chance to rebuild all aspects of the footballing side of the club and a funded application for stadium development – all part of Mike’s plan all of us should be happy. I will then consider my position on the board as well, as I did support Mike’s plan to take Rovers forward. After all this should be about Rovers and progress – not politics, posturing or personalities.

Kim Stuckey, Bristol Rovers Director

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