Kim Stuckey Steps Down From Board

June 15, 2006


Today, BRSC are sad to announce that Supporters Director Kim Stuckey has resigned from the board of Bristol Rovers.

Kim, a director for two years, and put in place as a result of the success of the BRSC Share Scheme, has certainly made an impact since joining the board with his relentless energy. He has been able to communicate with people on all levels and played a big part in helping to unite supporters groups to help get things done in a way it had not happened before. He also worked hard to communicate with the media and the fact he was on the board helped the Supporters Club with their communications with both the media and Bristol Rovers supporters.

Kim has worked hard to get people talking and, where necessary to achieve things and get them to compromise if they had to, keeping the bigger picture in mind. What drove him was what was the best way forward for Bristol Rovers and it shaped all his thinking and decision making whilst a director of the club.

Reacting to the news Supporters Club chairman John Malyckyj said “Kim’s resignation represents a further blow to Bristol Rovers Football Club. This has been a difficult time for him but I understand why he felt that he had to take this decision. Kim has assured me that he will continue to work for the Supporters Club and I will be discussing with him how best we can utilise his considerable talents.”

Kim’s statement is reproduced in full below.

“I was proud to have been elected to the board of Rovers as Fans Director over two years ago and it has always been my intention to try and build bridges between all support groups and bring consensus on the best way forward, all of us working together to improve the club we follow.

The events of the past few weeks have been difficult for Bristol Rovers. It is a severe blow losing three directors who were not looking to take control of the club but were Rovers supporters looking to what they thought was best to progress the club.

As Supporters Director I had seen the outline of the plan and believed the concepts of increased investment, which to my knowledge was not available then from any other source, plus increased supporter participation was crucial to taking our club forward. This whole saga started because of a fundamental mistake in leadership – assuming this was a coordinated and concerted bid to wrest control of the club from the majority shareholders and therefore not allowing debate and consensus to be reached. I believe that with such a discussion between all directors a mutually agreeable plan to move forward could have been reached.

The statement on Monday by the board was issued without any consultation with me and therefore has left my position as untenable. If I had been consulted I would have disagreed with the tone and stance adopted in the statement. I understand there were strong feelings to say the least in this matter, but it was a chance to start the healing process and offer some
hope to supporters with a clear strategy for the way forward. Additionally, amongst all the figures of loans and investments by directors there was no recognition of the role of the supporters who have put £500,000 of their after tax income into the club over the past three years. Our shareholding may only be 10% but it has provided a lifeline to this club while losses have continued to occur.

The board have indicated that they have the funding to support the club financially without having to put demands on the supporters club and there is strong progress towards a stadium planning application. It is therefore the right time to step down from the board that next has to rebuild trust and connection with the supporters, and they have to do this from a united

As has been said before Rovers fans should be grateful to the Dunford family and others for keeping our club alive twenty years ago in our darkest hour. Indeed I believe the statement from Denis Dunford “we are the custodians of the club for future generations” should be the inspiration by which all of us support and work for Rovers.

I would like to thank the supporters who showed their faith in me to represent them for the past two years and the many friends that I have made on the way. I hope I have been one of the custodians for even a short period of time.”

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