Boardroom Situation

June 16, 2006


Supporters Club Chairman John Malyckyj has issued the following statement following the resignation of Kim Stuckey from the board of Bristol Rovers.

The Supporters Club Executive Committee met on Tuesday evening at which Kim Stuckey explained that he was considering his position as supporters director. I hope that we will be able to publish the minutes of this meeting some time next week so that our members can get an understanding of how we have approached this difficult period. As we now know Kim tendered his resignation yesterday afternoon.

The Executive Committee would like to extend its’ thanks to Kim for his outstanding contribution to the Football Club since he was first elected to the board room in 2004 as an associate director. It as a matter of considerable personal regret to me that Kim felt forced to make this decision but I understand absolutely his reasons for doing so. However I am happy that he will continue to work for the Supporters Club and hope that he will be able to continue to foster the links that he was developing between the various support organisations.

The board of Bristol Rovers will shortly be holding a board meeting and David Brain will attend in his capacity as Associate Director. In view of this development I will be convening a further Executive Committee meeting early next week to allow David to give us an early report. This will enable us to respond further to the extremely worrying events that have unfolded over the last ten days or so.

I am aware of the very strong feelings that have been generated by these issues and I have communicated this to the Football Club as clearly as I can on behalf of all supporters over the last couple of nights.

Supporters have been using the Internet message boards to express their opinions and have posed a number of pertinent questions as well as identifying the issues that have arisen as a result the boardroom resignations. Such has been the speed of events it has been very difficult for us to be able to respond to all the points made and we have been working almost continuously to find a way forward from the point we find ourselves at currently.

Please check here regularly as we update you with further information as it becomes available.

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