Taking The Share Scheme Forward

June 17, 2006


Supporters club chair John Malyckyj today gave advice to those considering stopping or suspending their subscriptions to the Supporters Club share scheme.

Since its inception some three years ago, Gasheads have bought shares in BRFC to the tune of over £1/2 million by way of regular or annual contributions. These shares have been bought in the name of the Supporters Club, with an objective of buying a total of approxiamately 28% within the next three years. In light of recent events within the Bristol Rovers boardroom, members have openly discussed their options with regard to continuing their payments. Having read a number of members questions on the matter, Malckyj gave the following advice.

I feel that at present it is in the best interests of everyone if we continue with our Share Scheme contributions, because actually it gives a more powerful voice in trying to deal with this tricky situation. The Football Club really do need our money and this will aid the discussions that we need to have with them because of what is at stake if people such as yourself feel that you cannot continue.

Some say that we don’t have a voice because of the way the majority shareholders exercised their power, this is precisely the discussion that we need to have with the Football Club.

Please remember our original purpose and why we were created – that is to support the Football Club. The trouble we have at present is how we continue to do that recognising the damage that has been done to the Football Club in the last few weeks. So please be patient whilst we try to find a way forward, I am very aware of the strength of feeling and in my initial discussions have highlighted this fact.


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