Statement From The Chairman

July 8, 2006


Supporters Club chairman John Malyckyj has issued the following statement:

The Boardroom Situation

The last five weeks have been incredibly difficult for all those concerned with the well being of Bristol Rovers Football Club since the boardroom split, which resulted in the resignation of four directors including our own Kim Stuckey.

When commenting on the initial wave of resignations on 8 June 2006 I made the position of the Supporters Club as clear as possible but in doing so stated “I have a responsibility to ensure that we continue to have a good working relationship with the Football Club because the activities of the Supporters Club are so closely intertwined as we do so much for them, we also have the welfare and well being of our paid staff to consider. So reaching a position whereby our relationship with the Football Club breaks down completely is a direction in which we cannot go.”

The reality of the situation is that there seems little prospect of a return to the boardroom of any of those who have recently resigned and our members need to be clear that this is the position we now find ourselves in.

It would be foolish to pretend that the relationship between the Football Club and Supporters Club has not been damaged however despite this we have had an almost continuous dialogue during which we have understood, if not entirely agreed on, each others points of view.

Throughout these talks I have tried to convey as clearly as possible the opinions that have been expressed to the Supporters Club and I have no doubt that the Football Club now understand how hard everyone needs to work to repair the damage done.

The initial spark that ignited the flames of this situation was the discussion of a financial plan created by Mike Turl to take the Football Club forward. In his first public comment on the situation Kim Stuckey said. “As the Supporters Club director I want to hear an alternative financial plan to take the club forward coupled with the involvement of the support groups. If these alternative plans involve the principles of stadium ownership, all support group involvement, careful financial budgeting, a cash injection to cover our losses, giving Lennie and Paul the chance to rebuild all aspects of the footballing side of the club and a funded application for stadium development – all part of Mike’s plan all of us should be happy.”

Our talks have therefore centred around three main areas:

· The need to understand how the club intends to cover the losses that Mike Turl’s plan was designed to deal with.

· The activities of the Supporters Club and how the board of Bristol Rovers as it is currently constituted views it.

· The future of the Share Scheme and continued representation within the boardroom.

We have made progress in all three areas and I believe we will continue to do so providing that we all approach these talks in the open way that has been the case so far. We have not quite reached the stage where we have concluded our discussions and can be clear about the exact way forward but I feel sufficiently confident to be able to indicate that we are making good progress.

It is important that the Supporters Club continues to work to support the Football Club at this time because as we have seen, directors come and go as do people involved in our own organisation. The board of Bristol Rovers will not stay the same ad infinitum. What is important is that we work to preserve the thing that binds us all together and that is Bristol Rovers – difficult though that may be at the present time.

I would like to appeal to everyone to cease the seemingly never-ending spiral of negativity that has gripped us in the last month. I know that for some people this will be difficult to accept but as we have seen hostility and divisive statements have spectacularly failed to resolve this situation.

John Malyckyj


Bristol Rovers Supporters Club

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