Send A Shirt To Kenya

August 1, 2006


Gashead Marie, better known as Miss Piggy on the fans forum,  has today launched her very own appeal for Gasheads old football shirts.

In January, Marie travels to Kenya and whilst over there hopes to bring some smiles to kids faces by giving them your shirts from past seasons. Marie is no stranger to charity, having done the race for life earlier this year and having also been on trips helping the needy before giving shirts away in places like Cuba and Sri Lanka. “What seems valueless to you may be of real value to these kids”, said Marie. She continued, “These kids get very little, so if they are lucky enough to be given a football shirt, they really will be excited and so much more grateful than you can imagine.” Ideally, Marie would like to be able to pass on old Rovers shirts, but any shirts that can be donated will be most appreciated. They need to be clean and in childrens sizes ideally. 

Bristol Rovers Supporters Club are delighted to be helping her by offering Gasheads a place to bring the shirts for her to collect from. Both 199 and Pirate Leisure will take any shirts Gasheads are donating for Marie to pass on and we will keep you up to date on the progress of the appeal.



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