Green Un 7th August

August 10, 2006


Someone said to me just after the final whistle at the last game of last season “I suppose you can all relax now during the summer…”

That’s not quite the way things turned out as things became a little “difficult” within the boardroom of Bristol Rovers Football Club with what amounted to a split. This had a direct impact on the Supporters Club and we found ourselves in the middle of a situation that I never dreamt would occur at our club.

I am not going to pretend that it is the easiest period that any of us have been through and it was extremely stressful for all involved at times.

Sadly for us Kim Stuckey resigned his position as Supporters Club full director and I would like to thank him for his outstanding contribution in this role. He is continuing to assist the Supporters Club and I am sure you have not seen or heard the last of Kim Stuckey! We will aim to find a replacement full director during the autumn.

We have begun the recovery process with the Football Club as we work to heal the wounds of the summer and in particular we have been focusing on the future of the Share Scheme in a series of talks, which will be continuing over the next few weeks.

Meanwhile the day to day running of the Supporters Club has continued and we have installed a new IT system which will greatly improve our operation/ With this now embedded we will be moving towards the next phase which will be an upgrade of our ticketing system.

On Saturday the Supporters Club will be re-introducing our man-of-the-match award, which was the subject of a little controversy last season. At each match we will ask five Supporters Club members to form a panel and make their decision after the final whistle. The winning player will then be invited to come to the Supporters Club bar to receive his trophy.
”We want the players to enjoy the experience of coming to receive their award so it is vital that we create a welcoming atmosphere for them.” Said Supporters Club match day Committee Chair Taff Alexander. “We had some problems last season and we want to make it clear that any discourtesy shown to players will not be tolerated and culprits will be ejected and not be allowed back into the Supporters Club bar for the following match.”


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