Tuesdays Meet With The Board

September 21, 2006


Bristol Rovers Supporters Club committee met with the full board of Bristol Rovers Football Club, the Company Secretary and Chief Executive Officer, on Tuesday 19th September 2006. There was a very positive outcome to our discussions.

Following recent events we had asked our members, both via the web-site and in person on the terraces at Torquay, for any questions they wished us to put to the board. A total of 17 e-mails had been received and the contents of these presented to the board for their consideration. Most of the points were answered verbally but the board have promised to deal with the queries raised and will report back in writing so that we can publish the answers to the membership. The board told us that contrary to popular belief the Football Club is not “run hand to mouth” but on a clearly structured basis. It was agreed that we would in future hold quarterly meetings between the board and the executive committee of the Supporters Club.

The board is very optimistic about the new stadium plans and the CEO briefly went through the financial viability of the project. He outlined the prospects of increased revenue from the various aspects of the development such as conference facilities, student accommodation, office space to let etc.

Also mentioned in the meeting were fans comments regarding the price and condition of the beers currently on offer in the bars at the Memorial Stadium. The new development will bring must greater bargaining power for the negotiation of deals with breweries for the bars but, in the meantime the board agreed to look into the current pricing and will report back to us.

The committee accepted the resignation of John Malyckyj as chair of the Supporters Club. The views expressed by John in his letter of resignation are not necessarily those of the full Executive Committee who wish to make it clear that they support the Football Club in line with our constitution. The Committee have been satisfied that there was never any intention by the Board to sue either individual members of the Committee or the Supporters Club itself in respect of postings on the Supporters Club Forum.

The Directors declared that they have no interest in the asset of 199 Two Mile Hill Road and reconfirmed that the property was a matter solely for the Supporters Club Committee.

We were informed that the purchase of Rickie Lambert was funded by the sale of Junior Agogo, all of which money went towards the Lambert transfer, the balance was made up by the Directors and £2,500.00 from the Supporters Club which was a sell on clause for the original purchase of Junior. The purchase of a second striker would also have been funded but the transfer deadline precluded another deal taking place.


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