The Blackpool Express Rides Again!

October 8, 2006


It all started a couple of months back at Weston-Super-Mare, whilst sitting in the bar at Weston super Mare’s ground after an emphatic win, I came up with the idea that we should perhaps wear fancy dress to the next Blackpool trip.

September 30th soon came round and we met up at the usual meeting place of the Mem. We left at around 9.30 and headed off for Chester’s ground. Everyone seemed buzzing and feeling optimistic about the forthcoming fixture. We hit some really bad traffic approaching the ground and unfortunately arrived through the turnstiles around twenty minutes late. We were not amused to hear the first goal announced before we were through the gates. There were quite a few mystified looks from fellow Gasheads and stewards but I think we did our best to try and perk up the already unhappy crowd. With the Conga and singing, the atmosphere improved. The drumming of a Chester fans drum was enough to frustrate us even more. The game overall was poor with the few chances we had wasted but we made the most of it.


After the match we had some photos taken in front of the team coach and then left for the journey towards Blackpool. This was where the real fun was to start!

We had a real mix of fancy dress. Nuns, Shrek, Cheerleader, Men in Black / Blues Brothers, Baby, Beer Bottle, Police Women, Builder, Cat, Cowboy, Indian, Chav, Draculas to mention a few.

Paul the organiser and his family dressed as convicts, the three Bristol City players who had been put away for their shenanigans. There was a competition and two prizes. In second place came Dean Pulsford with his Shark eating a man costume, brilliant Dean well done. In first place was Colin Picton AKA Billywizz69, his impersonation of a woman was impressive if not quite frankly a tad disturbing. He received a medal and a trophy for his efforts. Something I’m sure he will treasure alongside his inflatable chest.

I would like to say a huge thank you to those who made such a big effort with their costumes. Was some light-hearted fun and I’m sure we all enjoyed doing it. Some more than others eh Billy?


We arrived in Blackpool around 7pm, had a buffet dinner and then the majority of us got our glad rags on and went into Blackpool town. We went to the usual places, The Manchester, O’Neills, Reflex 80?s bar and a few others I fail to remember. After some dancing, cheesy pop and pool, not in that order, we all stumbled back to our adjacent B & Bs in the early hours of Sunday morning.

A weary eyed few showed their faces for breakfast, unsurprisingly. We now had the whole day in Blackpool to spend how we chose. Some went to the Pleasure Beach and others went to pubs. Craig (Sunny), Steve (Clown) and myself chose to do the tourist thing and visit the Tower, once inside we saw the Blackpool Circus, the aquarium and went up the 412 foot of the tower via lifts and stairs. The partially see-through flooring was unnerving and I have to admit to jumping over it rather than stepping over it. Once at the top it was impressive. The weather was terrible at times and we all got drenched to the bone. We found another drinking establishment where we settled to watch the Tottenham match.


Sunday night was to be the night to remember. We had entertainment at the B & B in the form of singer, Ade Mathews. He sang for us on our last trip up north and he was very good. Afterwards most of us ventured out into town again and this time we chose to stay put in one place. Once inside The Walkabout bar we rocked the place and took over. Lots of alcohol was once again consumed and lots of jumping around and dancing around was done.


After the lights came up we took over the place with Goodnight Irene and Rovers chants, we eventually removed from the bar as we were keeping the bar staff from their beds. Despite the disappointing result earlier in the weekend we were still proud Gasheads. I vaguely remember dancing in the torrential rain and singing more Rovers songs. What a fantastic night. Once back at the B & B we carried on drinking and playing some pool. This carried on until the sun came up.

After a couple of hours sleep we rose for breakfast as we were to be out of our rooms for 10am. After finding another pub for more drink and pool we headed back to Bristol leaving Blackpool at 1pm. Got back to Bristol at about 6pm.

What a brilliant weekend guys. Thanks again to those who dressed up, maybe an option for next time around.


I want to save my biggest thank you though to Paul Davis and Janet, his long-suffering wife. Another successful one Paul, the odd personal hiccup but on the whole fab !

There is another trip planned for the Hartlepool away game, a three nighter so keep your eyes peeled for the details.

A few words to summarise, those who went will relate to them.

Peach laps


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