Green Un 9th October 2006

October 10, 2006


This week has been another full of action at the club, with recent announcements which will affect the Supporters Club coming from both the board of BRFC and the resigned directors, both of which appeared in the Evening Post.

The Executive Committee will shortly be meeting with the ex-directors Mike Turl, Kevin Spencer, Colin Williams and Kim Stuckey so they can discuss their plans in person. A further meeting with the football club directors is also planned.

The share issue is something the Supporters Club Executive was aware of and were being consulted upon. Under this share offer the Supporters Club will be able to buy shares at 50p to match the existing number of shares. We currently have in the region of 150,000 so therefore we will be able to buy approximately that number again. The exact number will be confirmed at the date of the share scheme offer so it is important for members to keep contributing to the share scheme so we will have the opportunity to purchase as many shares as possible. The Supporters Club needs to now consider how it can raise approximately £75K to take up this offer.

Should you want any further information on the Share Scheme you can contact David Brain; or Clare McDonagh at Pirate Leisure on (0117) 952 4001.

In other business, BRSC would like to thank the volunteers who helped post the latest stadium re-development newsletter to our neighbours in Horfield last weekend. The weather wasn’t exactly the best, but hopefully those supporters who braved the elements will be rewarded with a state of the art stadium in the near future.

The next BRSC General Knowledge Quiz is being held on Thursday 12 October at the Memorial Stadium starting at 7.45. Cost is only £1 per person, with a maximum of 5 in team. In addition, there will be the usual raffle.

Fans are reminded that, with the closure of the BRSC Forum, they can again ask the Supporters Club and Fans Associate Director, David Brain, questions on the official football club forum under the appropriate sections. They are entitled, Fans On Board, Bristol Rovers Supporters Club and Share Scheme. Please bear with us if we don’t respond as quickly as you or we would like but, with recent resignations from our committee and the resignation of Kim Stuckey in the summer, we all have to prioritise our workloads whilst holding down full time jobs.

Please note that we have had to change the date of the Supporters Club AGM to Thursday the 23rd November at 7.30pm in the Bristol Room at the Memorial Stadium. There will be full details on our website shortly and in the Macclesfield programme.

Finally, it is most likely to be the last time I will be writing this column, following my resignation from the committee of BRSC. It is sad, but life continually changes and I find myself in a position where I was unable to continue with the massive commitment being on the committee requires. BRSC always need new help, so if you feel you can offer some time or expertise to help the club and the supporters, please contact 199 or Pirate Leisure.

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