Affiliate shopping

February 19, 2007

You may or not have noticed that there is a link on the Supporters Club website to an Affiliate Shopping site through which all purchases earn the supporters club commission. This type of website is growing in popularity and ours earns us typically in the region of 5% – 10% commission from every transaction placed through it.

There are hundreds of retailers including household names such as Amazon, HMV, John Lewis, Tesco and Waterstones. The site is very simple to use and does not require any registration (other than you might need to buy through the retailers’ websites direct). The site is called “” and is the top sponsor link on the BRSC website which can be found at:

This really is an easy way to make money for the supporters club – so please take a look at what the site has to offer and when you feel the urge to buy online please click on the link first – happy shopping!

Clive Farquhar
Commercial Committee  

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