Director’s report 2

November 23, 2007

[image1]From the Boardroom by Ken Masters

My work has focussed on four main areas: actively supporting operations, direct interchange and communication, Board meetings and specific Board member responsibilities.
Success on the playing side has put intense pressure on operations. Ticket sales and retail have been overstretched for long periods. Diligence and loyalty of the employed staff together with the undying support of many volunteers has meant that we have worked in the very best interest of supporters at all times given the limitations of the physical resources that we operate with. Active, hands on support has been given at peak periods. My matchday work starts around 9.30, normally with a shift of switchboard duty and answering the many incoming calls from supporters.
I have worked to earn the respect, trust and confidence of Directors, staff and supporters so that direct communications can be made fairly and rationally. A good amount of time is spent around the stadium on matchdays before and after the game. I seldom leave the memorial room much before 7.00 in the evening. Communications are reactive and proactive. My written reports to the Board include a consensus of supporter’s opinion.
My attendance record at formal Board meetings is one hundred percent. My attendance record at informal meetings before home games is one hundred percent. My attendance record at informal meetings before away games is high at around eighty percent. Written reports and presentations to the Board include Supporters Club focus and operations, communications and reporting my specific areas of responsibility.
Specific areas of responsibility comprise Football in the Community and the Bristol Rovers Study Centre. I am a member of the Community Trust. My attendance record at meetings of the Trust is one hundred percent. I have taken time to visit other football clubs and the Football League to share good practice. I have been particularly concerned with community projects and funding streams. My collaborative activity has resulted on the drawing up of a funding strategy for 2007-08. The strategy is now being put into action.
Bristol Rovers have been pro active in the setting up of a Trust for the eighteen education centres in the West of England for Playing for Success based at Football Clubs and other Professional Sports organisations. I have been elected a member and Chairman of the Trust. The first meeting was held in October. Collaborative projects, staff development and funding were the main issues. My main objective for the coming twelve months is to bring about growth and sustainability by generating collaborative activity and joint funding schemes for the Study Centre and Football in the Community. Widening opportunity is a main focus for development.
The overall objective is to bring Championship football in a Championship stadium to the supporters of Bristol Rovers Football Club. It is a realistic and achievable challenge.

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