Communications Report

November 24, 2007

[image1]Communications Committee Report

First I would like to point out that I became involved with the SC primarily to help with the programme notes and any other publicity, The chairman of this committee is not something I have been seeking and I feel that position is still open for whoever would like to come forward. Most of the meetings involving communications in the last year have centred around the problems of  setting up and running a Supporters Club website that is worthy of the name. The Supporters Club acknowledge there is nothing worse than having a site that contains a lot of out-of-date items, but the problem has been that only a couple people have had access to put material on the website. A new impetus is being put into the website, with Ken Masters agreeing to be “webmaster.” The site is being re-registered, more people will be trained to input onto the new site and hopefully a constant stream of information will be more forthcoming.  We like to thank Antony Addy for his time and input during what must have been a very frustrating period.

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