Share Scheme Update October 2007

November 27, 2007

[image1]In the first of a series of regular monthly updates, I bring you a summary of the Share Scheme position as at the end of October 2007. This summary has been delayed somewhat due to the forthcoming AGM and in future I will report here soon after each month end. Periodically of course, David Brain as Share Scheme Chairman will publish a more comprehensive review.

To refresh people’s memories, contributors’ monies are paid into the Share Scheme throughout the course of a month and are then periodically paid over to the Supporters Club. This transfer is made after making allowance for administrative and promotional expenses at a notional 5% of contributions received (with any such allowance not utilised by the end of the scheme being used to acquire final shares).

Following the completion of the take-up of the Rights Issue, the Supporters Club are entitled to acquire one share for 50p for every share they buy for £5 and this is reflected in the figures below.

With some members’ contributions due on the last day of the month, banking deadlines mean that the monthly figures inevitably fluctuate a little as a result. The statistics for the month of October are as follows:

  • Contributions received totalling £5,282 from 373 members
  • 900 shares at £5 acquired by the Supporters club
  • 900 shares at 50p acquired by the Supporters Club
  • Cumulative Share Scheme contributions paid over by the Supporters Club to BRFC (1883) Ltd to 31st October totalled £631,075
  • Supporters Club holding at 31st October totalled 302,300
  • Total number of issued ordinary shares in BRFC (1883) Ltd was 3,211,104
  • Percentage holding by Supporters Club was 9.41%

The Share Scheme runs through to December next year.

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