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November 28, 2007


These notes are being written before last Saturday’s game against Millwall when hopefully Rovers secured their first home win of the season. Tonight sees a quick return to the Memorial Stadium for another East London team, which took all the points back at the end of September. Our draw at Brisbane Road 10 days ago was fully deserved and it could be argued that Orient were a little lucky to have a second chance but perhaps I’m being a bit biased. Whatever, it is certain to be a very tough game for the Pirates this evening, just on the basis of the ‘O’s record in the League so far this season and, of course, their above-mentioned victory in the autumn. Rovers’ performances away from home, especially the recent ones, have proved that they are more than capable of holding their own in the League, provided of course that the home results match up. We certainly need a great effort tonight from both the team and you supporters if we are to progress in the world’s greatest cup competition. The reward of a home tie against non-league opponents awaits the victors so please get behind the boys in quarters. It could be a long night!
I mentioned in the Bournemouth match ‘Pirate’ that we have a small element of unruly supporters who are starting to create problems both here and on the club’s travels. This unsociable little group tarnished Rovers’ reputation again at Orient with some pathetic behaviour that resulted in at least one ejection from the ground. We believe that some of these people may be members of the Supporters Club but they won’t be for much longer if that proves to be the case! Our investigations are underway at the time of writing in liaison with the Football Club. Meanwhile, on behalf of BRSC, our apologies go to any Orient supporters who were subjected to their boorish antics. We must kick this pathetic behaviour out of our great game!
 A final reminder to all our members that the Supporters Club Annual General Meeting takes place here in the Clubhouse on Thursday week, 29th, starting at 7.30pm. Membership cards are required in order to gain entry. The BRSC Newsletter has been sent out containing all the usual reports and details. If you are a member and have not yet received your copy then please contact us 199 Two Mile Hill Road.
The F.A. Cup provided us with some pleasure and hope last autumn when things were not going too well, yet again, in the League. The end result is part of Rovers’ history now so let’s try to get a repeat under way tonight. Lift the roof for the boys in blue!

Jim Chappell

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