Weston-super-Mare Gas

December 7, 2007

[image1]I attended the W-S-M Branch AGM last evening along with Supporters Director Ken Masters and Centre of Excellence Manager Stuart Naughton. The CoE has been well supported by the Weston Branch’s donations through various fund-raising activities so Stuart was able to say a big ‘thank you’ in person for all their efforts.

The AGM was well attended but, with no changes on the Committee, the business was soon completed and we made ourselves available for a ‘Rovers Forum’. Most of the questions were about the new stadium and of course on the field activities so most were aimed at Ken and Stuart who’s answers seemed to satisfy everyone in the room. There was also much informal discussion during the interval when the Branch supplied a free buffet to all. The evening was further lightened by Ken’s showing of the Rover’s eight candidates for entry in the ‘Goal of the Year’ competition. Voting took place straight after and those votes will be included in final decision.

All in all it was an excellent evening and the Weston Branch can be proud of their achievements to date. Long may they continue!

Jim Chappell.

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