AGM review

December 14, 2007

[image1]The full text below had been included for publication in the ill-fated Swansea City edition of the The Pirate. As the rearranged date for this fixture is towards the end of February it is appropriate to reproduce in full here the report.


Formal proceedings

Chairman Jim Chappell had started the formal part of the meeting by saying a big thank you to Janet Wooster, Ralph Shaw and Pete Collins whose committee positions were terminated by the revised constitution.  They all continue to work for the club on match days and are also regular attendees at meetings on invitation from the Executive Committee.
Financial report
The end of year financial report had been posted on the web-site for the last two weeks and printed copies were handed to members as they arrived at the meeting.
There were no matters arising from these.

Election of the committee
No external nominations having been received the following committee members offered themselves for re-election, Jim Chappell. David Brain, Sue Williams, Clive Farquhar, Dave Hewett and Dennis Payter.  All were prepared to continue their positions as outlined so the Executive Committee will remain unchanged.

Any other business
It was asked why nominations for election needed to be made six months before the AGM as this must restrict application and people forget the deadline.
The problem has arisen due to the fact that the AGM has got later each year.  It is the intention of the committee to bring the date of the AGM forward, the deadline for nominations is set out in the constitution and the date of the AGM is governed by the auditing of our accounts.

Questions from the audience

Dave Perry – He wished to put on record his thanks for all the hard work done by Supporters Club Staff and members, particularly in respect of   ticketing arrangements and especially in respect of the two final at The Millennium Stadium and Wembley. The chairman thanked him for this and stated that we certainly could not have coped without the large army of unpaid volunteers who helped out.

David Wilcox – Is there any plans for ticketing sales in Broadmead?
Steve Burns stated that when we had an outlet in Broadmead, in the Bristol Rugby shop tickets did not sell well, but it is something that can be looked at again in the future but we do try to encourage people to book online now if they are unable to attend the shops.

James Packwood – Are there any plans to re-open 199 Two Mile Hill Road on an evening for the sale of tickets?
Towards the end of our opening on evenings we did a survey of the amount of people attending the shop, over a 4 week period only 6 people attended at the shop, it was therefore felt not worth while continuing with this.   It is however something that we will look into in the future, particularly if there are a lot of all ticket matches.

Gary Marks – Are there any plans to resurrect the regional fans meetings?
Ken Masters reported that there is.  We are in fact next week attending a meeting at Weston-Super-Mare.

Ken Masters stated that the football club are entering for four categories in the Football League Awards for 2007.
(a)    Fan of the Year
(b)    Goal of the Year
(c)    Community Initiative
(d)    Programme of the Year
The directors would like the supporters to nominate a contender for fan of the year, and also to pick the goal of the year from 8 goals which have been selected (these were shown at the meeting). There has been an extensive write up for the community initiative and Keith Brookman will chose which programmes to send in for programme of the year.

Chairman Jim Chappell recorded the sad passing of:-

Geoff Martin our Vice President who was ill in hospital at the time of last years AGM and passed away soon after.

Ray Norman – a life long supporter and regular attendee at both the Supporters Club and Football Club meetings, always with a tricky question to ask.

Martin Price, a member of our Weston-super-Mare branch who died after a tragic accident.

And finally, Mary Marks, another life long supporter and a great friend to everyone involved with the club.

They are all sadly missed.

Football Forum

Following the completion of the AGM, the football forum commenced with an update on the new stadium, the Colerne training facilities and even the shirts being too tight being discussed.

Paul Trollope, Lennie Lawrence and club directors all gave full answers to a number of interesting questions from the floor following the formal business at the meeting last week.

What is the state of the youth set-up?
Paul Trollope said youngsters have not had the chance to feature yet this season in the Rovers line-up because of the success of the current players. He told the members that both he and Lennie Lawrence were committed to the development of young players.
In reply to a question from the floor about the state of the youth set up at the football club, the chief coach replied that when he and Lennie joined “they were and are committed to youth team players coming through” and felt they contrasted with previous managers Ian Atkins and Ray Graydon.
Lennie admitted he knew Graydon well and felt that “he was only interested in managing the first team.”
Trolls added: “Chris Lines and Sean Rigg had not featured more because of the performances from Craig Disley and Stuart Campbell.

Should we have signed Stuart Fleetwood?
Another question related to Rovers’ interest in in-form Hereford striker Stuart Fleetwood. Trolls said he was a very good player in a team that played a certain way with with Fleetwood scoring most of his goals through one-on-ones with the ‘keeper.
 He felt the cost of signing him was now prohibitive and that Forest Green would retain him until their  cup run was over at least (they lost at Swindon last Saturday).
Lennie said: “I had Fleetwood when he was at Cardiff, but he played one game and got injured subsequent to me leaving Cardiff  before David Jones released him.”
What did they think of the Colerne facilities?
Paul Trollope defended the recent criticism by Steve Phillips of the training facilities at Colerne by claiming “the facilities are excellent in all respects other than the pitches at the moment, due to a maintenance machine breaking down and staffing issues which had both been resolved.” Trolls said he believed the goalkeeper’s views were not shared by all and felt he had reacted on a day when a ball bounced up and hit him in the face!

What is the latest on the stadium re-development?
Director Ed Ware said they hoped the 106 planning agreement would be signed very soon and that the document was out for engrossment.
Club chairman Ron Craig confirmed that all the timescales were still ok and Geoff Dunford added that the delay in the 106 being signed has helped with focussing on areas where costs could be trimmed. For example the extent of excavations and the resulting level of spoil needed to be disposed of had been reduced and also some alterations in the planning of  areas within the stadium would make better use of the space available.

Do we still plan to go to Cheltenham next season?
“Yes, nothing has changed.” replied Mr Craig.

Shirts too-tight?
Another SC member commented on what she felt was the ill-fitting Errea shirts which Barry Bradshaw and Steve Burns confirmed was due to the Italian styling (e.g. Spurs kit) and the European sizing but Steve said it was something they were looking at.

Why did Richard Walker’s appeal fail?
Paul Trollope said the video tape of Rob Styles’ decision didn’t show the incident clearly because Swindon’s Ifil was in front of the camera and he felt the FA closed ranks in those situations. Paul also expressed strong views to the meeting on Mr Styles’ performance.

What did they think of the Ryan Green situation?
The question about Green was asked “in the light of other injuries and suspensions at the same time.” Mr Trollope said their was CCTV footage of the alleged perpetrator. Mr Craig said Green had told them he wasn’t drunk and that Trolls believed him. Trolls said: “Ryan Green had an unblemished record to date but I read him the riot act as a result of the incident and told him he should not have been out so close to a following midweek match.
“However, Ryan was out with best friend (Nicky Nicolau who plays for Barnet) and was his birthday. Originally this would not have been a problem as the Orient home cup game was the previous Tuesday until rained off.”


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