Share Scheme Update December 2007

January 3, 2008

[image1]Following on from my initial summary of the Share Scheme position I can now report on December’s progress.

Delays over Christmas due to workloads has meant that the normal monthly purchase of shares has been delayed until January and will be reported on in my next update.

As mentioned previously, with some members’ contributions due on the last day of the month, banking deadlines mean that the monthly figures inevitably fluctuate a little as a result.

The statistics for the month of December are as follows:

  • Contributions received totalled £5,171 from 336 members
  • Cumulative contributions received from commencement of the Scheme totalled £651,932
  • Cumulative Share Scheme contributions paid over by the Supporters Club to BRFC (1883) Ltd totalled £631,075
  • Total no. of issued ordinary shares in BRFC (1883) Ltd was 3,211,104
  • Percentage holding by Supporters Club was 9.41%

The Share Scheme runs through to December next year and joining information can be found here

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