Doncaster programme notes

March 5, 2008

[image1]Support Rovers at Planning Meeting

Revised plans for the regeneration of the Memorial Stadium will be considered by Bristol City Council on Wednesday, March 26.

This is a public meeting, starting at 6pm and fans are encouraged to attend the meeting at the Council House on College Green and listen to the debate. The club made a big breakthrough when its original application recently received a 106 planning agreement.

Now the latest application has been submitted to improve the scheme both in terms of efficient use and maximisation of the space on the site as well as improving facilities for you the fans.

There is no doubt that your support the previous council meeting helped us gain planning consent. Fans added to the lively debate and the behavior of supporters was exemplary against some untrue statements made by opponents to the scheme.

One councilor actually claimed that five or six games a week were played at the Memorial Stadium so it was good to hear Rovers fans laugh those suggestions down. Opponents Horfield ROSE are again expected be out in force trying to influence the elected councilors and we need to demonstrate our support for the proposals. It is important to realise that this application is to assess, what we believe, are relatively minor changes to the scheme. We already have an approved planning permission that can not be taken away.  

There are also improvements which will benefit the local residents contrary to claims by Horfield ROSE in a recent publicity leaflet, see their website,uk  They state “there are many major changes, but none will benefit residents”. This is simply not true. Changes are relatively minor and the concept, which has been approved, remains unchanged. The reduced excavations alone will be a massive benefit to residents during the works reducing site noise and the need to transport masses of waste to a landfill site.

Fans can find the latest stadium news in the stadium regeneration section of the clubs official club website and this includes a frequently asked questions section explaining the requirement to resubmit the planning application as well as an outline of the changes from the original scheme. Fans can also view the application on the councils planning website.

Last January some fans arrived late and were not admitted and the council chambers are likely to be full so please arrive early to make sure you are in time to add your support.

David Brain
Supporters Club director on the football club board

Close the play-off gap

Tonight brings a quick chance for revenge against the Rovers from Yorkshire.
We were not at our best at the Keepmoat Stadium a month ago but every one who was there from Bristol will feel aggrieved at the two penalty decisions to go the way of the home side. If you add that day  to the one last April in Cardiff then the Pirates definitely have a score to settle. Still, the great fight back in the JPT Final, unsuccessful as it was on the day, led to a fantastic unbeaten run into the play-offs and victory on that other great occasion at the new Wembley. Perhaps history can repeat itself following our last unfortunate defeat at the hands of ‘Donny’!
It is certainly an extremely busy period for everyone connected with the club at the moment and Saturday’s match against West Brom is the biggest of no less than NINE games we have to play during March and there are already another seven lined up for April, leaving aside a possible Quarter-final replay and, hopefully, a Cup Semi-Final at Wembley! Quite fantastic when you think where we were just over a year ago. Even so the every-day business must go on and the Supporters Club Executive Committee meets again next Monday. There are several on-going items we need to discuss, some of them resulting from our last meeting with the Board of Directors, and we have had to increase the frequency of our meetings just to keep on top of everything.

For the moment the Cup run has of course to take priority but the temporary move to Cheltenham and the demolition of the stadium is looming ever closer, with or without another Wembley appearance. We will keep everyone advised on developments but meantime my thanks again to all our staff and volunteers for the effort being put in here on match days and every other day in our two shops. Thanks also to you great supporters for your continuing patience in your seemingly never-ending queue for tickets. Long may it continue!

The players have shown great resilience to have got the club where we are today with big matches coming one after another. Tonight is just another one so please give the lads the sort of support they have come to rely on since before that first meeting with Doncaster. Get behind them again and let’s close the gap on those play-off places.

Jim Chappell.

Welcome Red Rovers

A very good evening to all Rovers fans at the Memorial Stadium this evening albeit in the Blue and White of Bristol or the Red of Doncaster.

The Red Rovers had never aspired to any great heights since their election to The League 1901. There was a period in the 1950’s when led by former Manchester City and Northern Ireland star Peter Doherty, Doncaster reached the second tier. The then Belle Vue club slipped back to the third level after eight seasons.

Following a spell of Conference Football, Doncaster have made good strides in recent seasons culminating in a brand new  stadium which they share with the rugby league counterparts in South Yorkshire. Many local folk up there leave their home town on match days to follow the likes of Leeds and the Sheffields so I understand. All credit to those who have kept faith with their local club and returned Doncaster to where they are today.

Just a few weeks ago when we played up there, we were delighted to receive Alan Warboys as a guest at the game. Since then I have spoken with Alan several times on the phone and with Bruce Bannister also. I am arranging to bring them both down to Bristol on the same match day before the end of the season. Alan and Bruce are truly legends at Bristol Rovers and many of our supporters would welcome the opportunity to see them back among us.

I have given my view at other times about football supporters standing by their local clubs through thick and thin. I have a so called Liverpool supporter a few doors from where I live who dons his red shirt almost constantly yet has never seen them play or been anywhere near Anfield. What’s all that about?

The support for our team at the Mem is creeping up again. It was good to see almost 8000 in for the Tranmere game given the many games on the fixture list at this time. We are working very hard on the playing side and behind the scenes to push our football club on. Thank you very much indeed for your solid and growing support for Bristol Rovers.

Ken Masters
Supporters Club director on the football club board.

Ken Masters and David Brain are our two representatives on the football club board.

Here are their aims and objectives as agreed by the Supporters Club  members.

Bristol Rovers Football Club

Aim:  To support the work of the Football in the Community and the Bristol Rovers Study Centre.


To work with the Centre Manager to consolidate the newly acquired Playing for Success Centre
To develop the work of  FITC following recent changes to funding and administration by The Football League
To lead the work of PfS West Region as Chairman of the Trust
To draw up a funding strategy for FITC
To contribute to the development of broader links with local schools
To encourage wide ranging opportunities for children
To encourage attendance at the Study Centre celebration evenings
To actively work with FITC on match day Saturday mornings
To promote the work of the Centre and FITC through PR and the match day Pirate
To consider ways of combining joint experiences and  skill sharing of the PfS and FITC teams
To contribute to joint projects and funding of PfS and FITC
to report activity and events to the Board the regular monthly meetings
Bristol Rovers Supporters Club

Aim: To oversee and support the work of the Social, Match day and Communications Committees.


To consolidate good relationships with the leaders and members of the committees
To encourage and recruit active members to the committees
To support the development of a wide range of social activities for members
To consider the bad behaviour of supporters on away day travel and to report and take action appropriately
To consider the abuse of supporters on away day travel and to report and take action appropriately
To consolidate current means of communication
To continue with the practice of direct face to face communication with supporters on match days
To contribute to development and operation of the Supporters Club Web site
To recruit a member to lead on the web site operation
To continue to contribute to the Supporters Club columns in the match day Pirate
To continue to report views and feelings of supporters to the Board of the Football Club

Get your name up in the new stadium

We will soon be turning our attention to fitting out some areas of the new stadium such as the Supporters Club bar and the retail area.  Not only do we want to help the club financially but we would like to influence some of the internal design. There will be a commemorative plaque to list all those fans that have, over a six year period, supported the share scheme. In addition we are considering giving fans the chance to ‘buy a brick’ with their name on it or maybe sponsor some artwork. We would also like to consider a museum or area to depict the Supporters Club history possibly within the supporters bar.  Perhaps you have some ideas? We would be pleased to hear from you with any suggestions.

It’s not too late to join the share scheme and have your name on the ‘roll of honor’’.

There are four different ordinary levels and a corporate level. They are:

·        Bronze Option – £10.83 per month

·        Silver Option – £21.67 per month

·        Gold Option – £43.34 per month

·        Platinum Option – £83.34 per month.

·        Corporate Option – £100.00 per month.

If you would like to join or introduce someone else please contact Clare McDonagh at Pirate Leisure on (0117) 952 4001 [email protected] If you would simply like to now more about the scheme then please contact  [email protected]

Organised Juniors Matchday Parties

I would like to thank  Adrian Ball of Eagle Coaches for providing a free coach within the Bristol area or a heavily subsidised coach from areas away from Bristol.

We only have the evening game against Northampton on Wednesday the 12th March left so if your junior club would like to take advantage please get your enquiry in early to [email protected]

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