Parking warning

March 5, 2008

[image1]For those of you who did not go to last night’s match against Doncaster and did not see the programme article, I can report that Dave Harper (Head of Security) has received notice from the Council that, following earlier warnings going largely unheeded, they are intending to start taking action against illegal parking on Horfield Common.

The Council will be targetting the area on matchdays so, with Sunday especially in mind, please take note and pass on this information to anyone you know may be affected by it.

The Council letter reads:

Dear Mr Harper,

You will recall I wrote to you some while ago regarding the indiscriminate parking issue on Horfield Common on match days and evenings.

As the situation has not improved Bristol Parks now feels it has no alternative than to resort to enforcement of the bylaws via a wheel clamping scheme and I am therefore writing to you to inform you we will be carrying out wheel clamping in the future.

For your information our approved wheel clamping contractor will patrol the common 3 times a week including match days/evenings and are authorised to wheel clamp any vehicle parked on the coomon“.

You have been warned!

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