Share scheme boost

March 23, 2008

Our target of raising three-quarters of a million pounds through the Share Scheme has received a massive boost after recent negotiations with the football club board.

The Supporters Club has traditionally raised money to donate to Bristol Rovers. We are now in a position to give more funds and have been negotiating with the football club to obtain shares in return for our latest donation from SC reserves.

The football club has agreed that in return for our donating £55,000 we will receive 20,000 shares (10,000 @ £5 and 10,000 @ £0.50).

Share Scheme chairman David Brain said: “I am optimistic that we can reach our £¾m target when the current scheme expires on December 8th. I would like to express my thanks to everyone who has contributed to the scheme and those who have helped to make it a success through promoting it.”

 Prior to the above purchase, to date we had handed over £645,925 of share scheme funds to the football club and, in total, this will increase the Supporters Club’s holding to 9.7 per cent of the issued share capital as well as having the benefit of two full directors in the board room.

The contributions for February were £5,892 from 320 members.

 The share scheme contributions to the end of February 2008 were:-

 §          Cumulative contributions received from commencement of the Scheme totalled £663,673

 §          Supporters Club holding at February, 29, 2008 was 307,710

 §          No of issued ordinary shares in BRFC (1883) Ltd was 3,361,660

 With just under nine months to run you can help us achieve our £3/4 million goal and at the same time get your name on the ‘roll of honour’. This will list all contributors to the scheme and will be displayed in the supporter’s club bar of the rebuilt Memorial Stadium.

  For details contact Clare McDonagh at Pirate Leisure on (0117) 952 4001 [email protected]

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