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August 27, 2008

Corporate Scheme

Did you know you could boost the Share Scheme by persuading your boss that his company could enjoy benefits from our Corporate Scheme, which costs £1,200 per year though with tax advantages this will effectively make the cost less than a Platinum subscription. You could get your company on the ‘Roll of Honour’, which would be good publicity.

Matchday Meals

For those entitled to matchday meals, or any of the other benefits, can I remind you that these need to be booked through Clare McDonagh at Pirate Leisure during office hours on 0117 909 6648 or e-mail  [email protected]

Any members unsure of their entitlement can contact Clare for further advice.

With many of you continuing past the initial three years of membership, the number of members entitled to meals is far greater. To help Ian Holtby accommodate the demand, certain matches have been earmarked at which Share Scheme members can have their meals. The following matches have been designated for meals for those entitled:-

Saturday 13th September – Walsall

Saturday 27th September – Crewe

Tuesday 21st October – Oldham

Saturday 25th October – Southend

Friday 14th November – Scunthorpe

If you would like to join, or introduce someone else, please contact Clare McDonagh at Pirate Leisure on 0117 952 4001 or email  [email protected] If you would simply like to know more about the scheme, then please contact David Brain on 07765 254110 or email [email protected]

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