AGM minutes

September 4, 2008

In accordance with the Supporters Club’s constitution we reproduce here the minutes of last years AGM  – they will also be available at the AGM on the night.


Minutes of the 59th Annual General Meeting of Bristol Rovers Supporters Club held at The Memorial Stadium, Filton Avenue, Bristol on Thursday 29rd November 2007

Apologies: Dennis Payter, Dave Hewett and Pete Collins
The chairman then introduced the committee to the meeting.
That chairman started the meeting by wishing to say a big thank you to Janet Wooster, Ralph Shaw and Pete Collins whose committee positions were terminated by the revised constitution. They all continue to work for the club on matchdays and are also regular attendees at meetings on invitation from the Executive Committee.
The chairman then wished to record the sadly the passing of:-
Geoff Martin our Vice President who was ill in hospital at the time of last years AGM and passed away soon after.
Ray Norman – a life long supporter and regular attendee at both the Supporters Club and Football Club meetings, always with a tricky question to ask.
And finally, Mary Marks, another life long supporter and a great friend to everyone involved with the club.
They are all sadly missed.
1.       Minutes of last AGM
Minutes of last years AGM were handed out to members as they arrived at the meeting to read.
There were no matters arising from these.
It was proposed by Ann Farquhar and seconded by Howard Bradbury that the minutes of the 58th AGM be accepted as a true record of that meeting. These were accepted unanimously by the meeting.
2.       Chairman’s Report
The Chairman stated that everyone should have received their latest newsletter which contained the Chairman’s Report. 
There were no matters arising from the report.
It was then proposed by  Dave Perry and seconded by John Packwood that the Chairman’s Report be accepted. This was accepted unanimously by the meeting.
3.       Financial Report
The end of year financial report had been posted on the web-site for the last two weeks and printed copies were handed to members as they arrived.
There were no matters arising from these.
It was proposed by Nigel Roberts and seconded by James Packwood that that accounts be accepted. This was accepted unanimously be the meeting.
4.       Business Committee Reports
These were all published in our recent newsletter which was sent out to all our members.
There were no matters arising from these.
It was then proposed by Derek Marks and seconded by Geoff Barnes that the reports of the various business committees be accepted.
5.       BRSC Director/Associate Director Report
The Directors Report appeared in the recent newsletter.
There being no matters arising.
It was proposed by James Packwood and seconded by Derek Marks that the Directors Report be accepted.
6.       Election of Members to the Committee
No external nominations having been received the following committee members offered themselves for re-election, Jim Chappell. David Brain, Sue Williams, Clive Farquhar, Dave Hewett and Dennis Payter. All were prepared to continue their positions as outlined in appendix 1, so the Executive Committee will remain unchanged.
7.       Any Other Business
(1)              Dave Perry – Why were nominations for election needed to be made six months before the AGM as this must restrict application and people forget the deadline.
The problem has arisen due to the fact that the AGM has got later each year. It is the intention of the committee to bring the date of the AGM forward, the deadline for nominations is set out in the constitution and the date of the AGM is governed by the auditing of our accounts.
(2)              Dave Perry – He wished to put on record his thanks for all the hard work done by Supporters Club Staff and members, particularly in respect of   ticketing arrangements and especially in respect of the two final at The Millennium Stadium and Wembley.
The chairman thanked him for this and stated that we certainly could not have coped without the large army of unpaid volunteers who helped out.
(3)              David Wilcox – Is there any plans for ticketing sales in Broadmead.
Steve Burns stated that when we had an outlet in Broadmead, in the Bristol Rugby shop tickets did not sell well, but it is something that can be looked at again in the future but we do try to encourage people to book online now if they are unable to attend the shops.
(4)              James Packwood – Are there any plans to re-open 199 Two Mile Hill Road on an evening for the sale of tickets?
Towards the end of our opening on evenings we did a survey of the amount of people attending the shop, over a 4 week period only 6 people attended at the shop, it was there felt not worth while continuing with this.   It is however something that we will look into in the future, particularly if there are a lot of all ticket matches.
(5)              Gary Marks – Are there any plans to resurrect the regional fans meetings?
Ken Masters reported that there is. We are in fact next week attending a meeting at Weston-Super-Mare.
(6)              Ken Masters stated that the football club are entering for four categories in the Football League Awards for 2007.
(a)   Fan of the Year
(b) Goal of the Year
(c)   Community Initiative
(d) Programme of the Year
The directors would like the supporters to nominate a contender for fan of the year, and also to pick the goal of the year from 8 goals which have been selected (these were shown at the meeting).
There has been an extensive write up for the community initiative and Keith Brookman will chose which programmes to send in for programme of the year.
The Supporters Club Business for the meeting having been completed Messrs Craig, Dunford, Ware, Bradshaw, Watola, Trollope and Lawrence of the football club answered various questions put to them.
The Chairman then closed the meeting at 9.05 p.m. and thanked the panel for answering questions and thanked everyone for attending the meeting.
Signed ……………………………………………..

Dated ………………………………………………


These minutes will be proposed for acceptance at the forthcoming AGM and it is anticipated that, there being no dissentients, there will not be any need for them to be read out in full.

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