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September 19, 2008

Good luck to Norton Radstock

 It is very pleasing to be able to report that our initiative to strengthen the organisation of the Supporters Club by setting up branches around the region and in other parts is going very well indeed. 

In my previous notes I have mentioned the very fine example that with have with Weston Super Mare and our friends and colleagues at Weston Gas. Wilf and other members from that area were on hand before the Hereford game to offer advice and support those that have come forward to lead the way in NE Somerset, West Wiltshire and in our Gloucestershire heartland. Very many thanks Weston.

 We have understood that social activity at the stadium is not so easy for our supporters who live some distance from the ground. The new branches will provide very well for events and do much to improve communication and a true sense of belonging. Transport to away games is another issue that deserves attention on behalf of our members. It is not always easy and convenient for people to travel to Bristol in the first instance, park up and then embark on organised Supporters Club transport.

Those who support clubs in smaller towns and even cities where the geographical spread is more compact may not share the problem. Bristol Rovers is a bigger club than that and our fan base is much wider than most. The first gathering of our branch in NE Somerset on September 4th was special and it was indeed my pleasure to be there with them on that occasion. Our founding organisers, Sally Ford, Louise Maidment and Carolyn Simmons were on hand to get things going. One of the first decisions was to establish a name for the branch. Norton Radstock Gas was put forward and went down very well.

The advice from Weston Gas that a real key to success is a base for meetings and events was well taken on Board. Our three ladies worked hard to seek out a suitable venue and then approached mine hosts at the Crown in Clapton near Midsomer Norton. The Crown can be found by turning left going south off of the main A 37 at Ston Easton. Clapton is a small hamlet on the way to Chilcompton but The Crown is very sizable with excellent facilities for pub games; skittles, pool and darts are particularly well catered for.

 The important thing is that the landlord and landlady, Mike and Sara, were very welcoming. Mike is a proper football person and a True Rovers fan. The next gathering is already planned for Thursday October 9th.  All from that neck of the woods are welcome; the very best to Norton Radstock Gas. Please make contact with me as soon as possible if you can help in other parts of the region or around the country. We are doing very well in Scotland for example and it was good to see a mini bus down from Edinburgh to Elland Road for the game at Leeds.

Today we welcome the supporters of Walsall Football Club to the Memorial Stadium. Walsall were promoted along with ourselves the season before last and like us see themselves as potentially as a championship football club. We wish fans of the Saddlers well, enjoy the match and a safe journey home after the game.

 Game on and three points to up for grabs today. We can play our part as we always do. Our support is so crucial and so much appreciated by management and players. Right behind our boys; come Rovers come you Blues.

Ken Masters

Supporters Club director

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