Communications Report

September 19, 2008

Communications Report

We continue to fill two pages in the official programme at every home game and are thinking of revamping and improving the quality of our newsletters.

Our “bigger” stories have received coverage in the local newspapers including updates on our share scheme and details of our fan’s forums which we staged around the district.

Our website compares very favourably with other Supporters Clubs in the number of up to date items it contains and the amount of interest it generates can be shown by the number of “hits” to the site.

We now have Peter Gibson on board to oversee the running of the website and Ben Ede is our IT expert. I thank them both for their help and expertise.

The next innovation we are exploring is running our own type of forum on the site in the shape of a question and answer platform for members only. On asking a question members will be asked to provide their membership number and we will endeavour to get answers from the relevant people such as Supporters Club officials, football club directors or members of the coaching staff. Once answers have been received they will be put on the website and the most interesting ones will appear in the programme.

Watch out for details of the launch of the Q and A in the programme and on the website of course!

Dennis Payter



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