October 23, 2008


Members of the Supporters Club were delighted with today’s news that they will not have to go to Cheltenham for home matches while the Memorial Stadium is re-developed.

Club chairman Nick Higgs announced at a press conference that the stadium will still go ahead and be built in two phases, eliminating the need to move away for home games.

Mr Higgs said the plan was to re-develop the stadium in two phases, firstly by knocking down the Centenary Stand, which would enable them to move the pitch over, and also rebuild the South Stand End.

The second phase of the work would see the DAS stand and the Blackthorn End rebuilt.

The club hopes to retain an 8,000 capacity while the work is being carried out.

Supporters Club chairman Jim Chappell, said: “We were delighted to hear the news that the re-development of the stadium was still going ahead.

But we were particularly delighted to hear that we will still be able to play our home games here at the Memorial Stadium.

It would have been a massive operation to move everything to Cheltenham and I am sure a lot of the fans would have found it difficult to support the Gas, particularly at evening games, by having to travel so far.”



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