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March 1, 2009

Share Scheme

I would like to wish Richard Langley a speedy recovery from the knee injury received in the reserve team friendly against Bristol City. Fans will remember that the Share Scheme was happy to support the temporary signing of Richard just before Christmas. I have been contacted by several fans recently wanting to know why Richard has not played and to ask if I thought it was a waste of Supporters Club money. As is always the case the management team makes decisions on players and we simply supported their request with some financial help on this occasion. Richard was a valuable squad member throughout what is traditionally a busy period over Christmas. As it happened we had some games cancelled, didn’t have any injury problems to key midfield players and unfortunately Richard got injured in a reserve game which was partially to help him get fit. The answer is therefore no I do not think it was wasted money although on this occasion it did not work out.

We hope we can reach our aim of taking the total raised by the scheme close to the £800,000 mark by the end of the season. We will continue to strive towards reaching the primary objectives of the Share Scheme, which are to maximize its shareholding on behalf of the Supporters Club and income into the football club. This will ensure that, through the Supporters Club, a sufficient shareholding is held to influence any major Football Club boardroom decision. We have two full directors which have been achieved through the share scheme.


The current membership at the end of January 2009 stands at:-















The total monthly income is £4,732. Our current shareholding is 7.47%.

For individuals weekly membership of the scheme begins at less than the price of a pint of beer. There are four different ordinary levels and the corporate scheme, these options are:


·         Bronze Option – £10.83 per month

·         Silver Option – £21.67 per month

·         Gold Option – £43.34 per month

·         Platinum Option – £83.34 per month.

·         Corporate Option – £100.00 per month.


If you would like to join or introduce someone else please contact Clare McDonagh at Pirate Leisure on (0117) 952 4001


 “We need your help in ‘growing’ the Share Scheme income”



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