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March 10, 2009

No racist chanting

This afternoon brings us another big game here at the ‘Mem’ with the perhaps unexpected return of Leeds United along with what is sure to be a large contingent of supporters. I say unexpected because I guess most of us thought that Leeds would last season have made the sort of immediate return to the Championship that Leicester City appear to making this time round. Perhaps United will achieve it via the play-offs anyway this time round. Whatever, I hope they are not subject to the type of goading that was apparently handed out by a group of ‘chanters’, (for want of a better word!), by a small section of so-called Rovers’ supporters aimed towards their Leicester counterparts a couple of weeks ago.

 Although I didn’t hear it myself there was some chanting of a racist nature and there were complaints from some Leicester supporters, rightly so it seems! We at Rovers have always prided ourselves as a family club where players, management, officials and directors have always been happy to mix with supporters and racism has never been much of a problem with many black players readily accepted over the years and some of them becoming cult heroes. We don’t have much experience with players from the Indian sub-continent, there being so few of them in the game, but I don’t see why we should have to put up with any racist chants from anyone in the stadium, regardless of who they are aimed at.

 I have from time to time had to remind supporters that the Supporters Club fully supports the Football Club in banning ‘undesirables’ and we did that just a couple of months ago when removing two members from our register who had received banning orders from the F.C. for misbehaviour at matches.

 The same will of course apply to racist chanting so, if you are able to identify anyone partaking in such an offence, (for that is what it is), please report it to the nearest steward and I’m sure that we can take action to stamp it out. We are at one with Dave Harper, (Club Safety Officer), on this and will act accordingly. I assume that racist remarks and chants are just a crude form of ‘goading’ the opposition but so many times this backfires as it just makes our opponents more determined than ever to ‘put one over’ on us. Clear examples of this being the abuse dished out to former/out on loan City players such as Brooker and Murray at Cheltenham, (where we lost all six points after dominating both games), and the screaming for opponents to be red-carded when Rovers’ record against 10-man teams is little short of abysmal! Generally we have an understanding and humorous crowd here in BS7 and it is only a few stupid fools who need to be sorted out. I hope that you will all join with the club in helping us to do just that. Enjoy the game today against one of the famous clubs in post-war English football history!

Jim Chappell

BRSC Chairman


No Fear

Good afternoon and a warm welcome to what is quite probably one of the most eagerly anticipated games of the current campaign.

Our team performed very well up at Leeds earlier in the season when we came back very strongly from falling behind to an early goal only to take a well deserved lead before half time. Leeds nicked one late in the game to deny us but we returned home with a result, a deserved point on the day and a positive feeling that we need not fear anyone in this League either home or away. The very fine victories at play-off place holders Scunthorpe and Oldham respectively in just the last couple of weeks have cemented that view. Four good goals and two clean sheets from those games were a joy to watch.

Staff, players and supporters have been in for some of our longest trips lately and the trek up to Carlisle last Saturday was certainly no exception. The game relatively close to the border does give a great opportunity for our fans up there to take in a game with a little more leisure from their point of view. The support at Oldham and Carlisle from our Scottish and Northern exiles was plain for all to see. I am really pleased for Gary Olds and all Bristol Scots that they got a good return from the games. Very many thanks for your support and it was good to have you among us again. Gary will be at the game again today. It’s a long way from Edinburgh by any stretch. Well done mate and that goes for all of our exiles at the game today.

Talking of trips, we have one not so far to travel at Walsall next Saturday. Local Supporter’s club branches are planning transport from nearer where you may live.  Please link up with branches at Weston-super-Mare, Norton Radstock and Yate and Sodbury. I will be in and around the clubhouse before and after the game today as always. If you do not know your local branch organisers yet please talk to me and I will be very pleased to put you in touch. Car sharing is another option and one that branches are well placed to facilitate. Walsall or not, please link up if you live in those areas where branches of the club not only exist but are growing and going from strength to strength. Apart from the obvious advantages the commonality is a real pleasure.

The commonality found at our evenings to recall the decades has been so good. Great to see Josser Watling, Bill Roost, Terry Oldfield, Ray Mabbutt, Joe Davis and the man, Harold Jarman at the sixties evening on 23rd February in the Memorial Room. Look out for the seventies night as we progressively get more up to date and into the memories of most; really good nights and not to be missed.

It was during the sixties, 1963-64 to be precise, that our visitors today won the old Second Division to take them into the top flight, a position they were to hold in a period up to 1982. During that spell they won two championships, five runners up spots, one FA Cup and three runners up medals, one League Cup and one runners up, one European  Cup runners up and one European Cup Winners runner up. Oh and Two European Fairs Cups.

Welcome Leeds fans, thank you for being with us and a safe journey home after the game.

This is Bristol and this is Bristol Rovers. Come on Rovers, come on you Blues.

Ken Masters

BRSC Director


Commercially speaking

I’m pleased to report a favourable response to our brand new website for the Gold Bond Lottery with fans already signing up. Whilst all winners are notified direct, saving the need to check up, I’m now working on our website also showing a weekly list of winners. Hopefully this will be up and running in the next few weeks.

To join the Gold Bond weekly draw and for more information please click on the link on our website –

The trading results for our Kingswood shop for February were down on last year, not surprisingly given last season’s FA Cup exploits, but were still very reasonable given the recession we are in. There are plenty of bargains still to be had so please find time to pop in and look around.

Clive Farquhar

Commercial Committee  

Programme Library

Jamie Howarth has compiled a list of 6,000 Rovers programmes home and away from the early 1950’s up to 2007 which you can look at in our shop in Two Mile Hill before placing an order.

He said: “I have up to 30,000 programmes at home so I still have lots more to go through. One of the earliest is our FA Cup tie in 50-51 against Hull City which is worth around £10. The list has only been available a few weeks so hopefully people will express an interest.

“Occasionally people from other clubs make inquiries as well as Rovers fans. The list is more comprehensive than the website so please visit the shop.”

We will shortly make this list downloadable from the Supporters Club website in a form that collectors can search on to fill any gaps they may have in their collection.

A list can be seen on


Share Scheme Shirt Draw


Today we will be presenting Roger Clark with his shirt won in the draw at the Leicester game.  Everyone in the share scheme will be entered into the draw so this is another good reason to join. We will shortly add a list of membership draw numbers to the supporters’ club website so that you will know which number to listen out for as it is different from your actual share scheme number.

David Brain,

Director and Share Scheme Chairman


Organised Juniors Matchday Parties

This has again been a massive success again this year and all matches to the end of the season have now been booked up. I am delighted to announce that Eagle Coaches have again agreed to run free coaches from the Bristol area and subsidised coaches from outside Bristol next season.

Should you want to put your club on a reserve list for this year or pre register for the 2009/10 season please get your applications to or (07765) 254110.

50/50 draw v Leicester City

The winning prize of £1,062 with ticket number 52665 and sold by Sandra Jaques in the DAS Stand remains unclaimed as we go to press.


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