Website proves hit for exiles

March 18, 2009





The new online Gold Bond Weekly Draw website has proved a major success story with exiled fans from as far as away as Australia signing up to the draw.  Income from The Gold Bond Weekly Draw is essential to the Supporters Club and we would encourage all to join as it goes without saying the more supporters that are members, the more money the Supporters Club will make.


Since the new website allowing fans to join Gold Bond securely online was launched fans from as far and wide as Sydney, Canada, Spain and even Thailand have signed up and in the process help boost income from the draw.  


Joining the draw via the website is a simple and secure process and can be done in a matter of minutes.  We’ll then forward you your lucky numbers in the post and even

e-mail you with a full winners list after each draw.


Join now and give yourself a chance of winning £10,000 in the annual “Super Draw”.


Click HERE to join




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