Join the Gold Bond Lottery

May 19, 2009



You can now join our Gold Bond Weekly Draw securely online, thanks to a new website which saves supporters having to complete a standing order form and send it off to their bank.

The Gold Bond Weekly Draw is a valuable source of revenue for the supporters club and thus the football club and over the coming months we will be aiming to increase membership of the draw and ultimately income back into the club. For this reason we’d urge you to join today and fans from anywhere in the world are welcome to become members. So please spread the word!!

Any supporter joining the draw now will give themselves the opportunity of winning the £10,000 annual jackpot prize which is due to be drawn in late April.

 For each £1 membership you will receive 7 ‘lucky’ numbers in the draw and with 315 prizes on offer each week you stand a good chance of winning a prize of some sort. All prizes are paid automatically without need for claim but once you’ve joined we will e-mail you on a weekly basis with a full list of winners.

Your continued support is always much appreciated.

 To join the Gold Bond weekly draw and for more information please click here.

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