AGM minutes

September 8, 2009

In accordance with the Supporters’ Club’s constitution we reproduce here the minutes of last year’s AGM – they will also be available at the AGM on the night.

Minutes of the 59th Annual  General Meeting of Bristol Rovers Supporters’ Club, held at the Memorial Stadium, Filton Avenue, Bristol on Thursday 25th September 2008



Apologies: Mrs S. Williams. 

Election of two tellers: J. Wooster and P. Newport. 

Minutes of previous AGM and matters arising: There were no matters arising. 

Chairman’s Report: No questions from floor. Report adopted by D. Barnes, seconded P. Clark. 

Financial Report: No questions from floor. Report adopted by C. Dye, seconded P. Thomas. 

Business committee report: No questions from floor. Reported adopted by J. Wooster, seconded P. Newport. 

Director’s Reports from D. Brain and K. Masters: No questions from floor. Adopted by P. Collins, seconded G. Palmer. 

Any other business:  J. Packwood asked about family tickets for the Blackthorn End. Steve Burns replied it had been their intention to do something for going to Cheltenham, but they would look at it again in the New Year. David Brain said the safety officer was concerned at having a lot of youngsters at the front with a potential for the crowd surging forward. 

J. Packwood said it was difficult to get tickets with the shops not opening in the evenings. Steve Burns said they were encouraging fans to buy on line. He said that when the stadium was closed at night it would mean a security problem having Pirate Leisure open. 

B. Green asked about the share scheme being extended. David Brain said the football club had agreed the scheme could continue and it had guaranteed that shares would still be available for the Supporters Club to purchase. 

P. Newport asked if 50/50 proceeds could go towards a Supporters Club room in the re-developed stadium. Chairman Jim Chappell replied that we had already agreed to switch proceeds to the youth fund and that the directors had promised that we will have a club room in the revamped stadium. He said the Supporters Club did not have the capacity to run such a room seven days a week, but it would be for our sole use on match days. 

The AGM ended at 8pm and was followed by a football forum attended by Paul Trollope, Lennie Lawrence and the football club directors

These minutes will be proposed for acceptance at the forthcoming AGM and it is anticipated that, there being no dissentients, there will not be any need for them to be read out in full.

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