AGM Notice

September 10, 2009

                                        [image1]BRISTOL ROVERS SUPPORTERS CLUB


President: Marquess of Worcester

Hon Life Members: Mr Ron Batt, Miss Joan Bruton, and Mr Tom Spiller






Chairman:  Mr J. Chappell

Vice Chairman: Mr K Masters

Secretary: Mrs S Williams

 Treasurer: Mrs J Browne

Supporters Directors to BRFC:  Mr K. Masters and Mr D. Brain

Share Scheme Chairman: Mr D Brain

Commercial Chair:  Mr C. Farquhar

Communications Chair:  Mr D. Payter

Social Chair: Mr D Hewett

Match Day Chair: Mr M. Radford








To be held at:


The Bristol Room, The Memorial Stadium, Filton Avenue, Horfield, Bristol


  Thursday 24th September 2009 at 7.30pm




1.       Election of 2 Tellers

2.   Matters arising from Minutes of the preceding AGM (unless covered elsewhere)

3         Adoption of minutes of preceding AGM

4    Chairman’s Report

5    Questions and adoption of Chairman’s Report

6    Financial Report and Accounts

7    Questions and adoption of Financial Report and Accounts

8    Business Committee Reports

9    Questions and adoption of BC Reports

10   BRSC’s elected BRFC Directors Reports

11   Questions and adoption of Directors’ Reports

12   Consideration of proposals (see appendix 2)

   Result of elections.

14   Any other Business

15     Close



Appendix 1


In accordance with rule 5.3 the following posts are to be advertised. All these nominations have been checked and are in accordance with BRSC rules.

BRSC Chair – Mr J. Chappell*

BRSC Director (1 post) – Mr K Masters and Mr C. Farquhar

Executive Committee Members: Mrs S. Williams*, Mr D. Hewett* and Mr D. Payter*


The names in italics require election. Those marked* are deemed elected as nominations did not exceed the places available.







The following members were elected at the 2008 Annual General Meeting:

Mrs J. Browne, Mr C. Farquhar, Mr M. Radford


The following resigned during the year:



The following applied but were unsuccessful:



  Attendance at Committee Meetings:


                                                    Possible          Actual                                                             


Jim Chappell                      8                      8                             

Jane Browne                      8                      5                             

Ken Masters                      8                      7                                   


Sue Williams                     8                      8                             

David Brain                        8                      8     

Clive Farquhar                    8                      8

Dave Hewett                      8                      6    

Dennis Payter                    8                      7  

Marc Radford                     8                      7         


Appendix 2


It is proposed that the constitution be changed in respect of the following main areas:


i)                     Elimination of sub-committees in favour of working groups

ii)                   Tightening up the AGM/Financial Accounts/Elections processes by reducing from 6 to 4 months the maximum time between the financial year end and the AGM and moving the nominations notice nearer to the AGM (from 30th April to 31st May).

iii)                  Changing the election process so that all members receive ballot papers without having to separately request them.

iv)                  Extending the Chairperson’s period in office from 1 to 2 years before having to seek re-election.

v)                    Various other minor amends.


The proposal seeks to make less burdensome the working of the Executive Committee and to streamline the various formalities contained in the constitution. A detailed copy of the changes is available upon request. 

Jim Chappell, Chairman 

NB – For clarification purposes, entrance to the AGM is by production of your 2008-09 membership card. However, to vote in the election you have to be a current member i.e. 2009-10. 


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