Annual Commercial Committee Report

September 14, 2009

I’m pleased to be writing my third annual review as a member of the Supporters Club Executive Committee following what has been another busy year. 

Through the hard work of all the committee we are again able to hold our AGM significantly earlier than has been the case in earlier years and this is the standard that we have now set ourselves. Thanks go especially to Sue Williams for keeping all minutes up to date and to Jane Browne for enabling me to produce final accounts for both the Supporters Club and the Share Scheme in a timely manner. 

Pirate Leisure and Kingswood shops 

Most of you will be aware that the running of Pirate Leisure was handed back to the Football Club before Christmas although from a customer’s point of view there is no difference in how it operates. Jim Chappell commented on the transition at the time and his words can be found here: 

I won’t reiterate Jim’s comments but would add that the handing back of the running of Pirate Leisure allowed the Football Club to again benefit from instant access to merchandising income streams that it would not otherwise have been able to until after the year end accounts had been prepared and the usual profit share calculated and paid over. From a cash flow point of view alone this made good sense. A further benefit has been to eliminate the duplication in effort in reconciling large volumes of tickets sales with the Football Clubs ticketing system prior to remitting the funds – which has traditionally been a laborious job. 

Paul Seaton and Berni Clothier continue to run our Kingswood shop with the help of volunteers when necessary and, following the changes referred to above, are having a greater say in how that operation works. They are looking at potential new lines and any views will be welcomed from fans. With help from Ed Ware we have made contact with a firm who are advising on the most profitable way of utilising the spare floor space at Two Mile Hill Road and we have also been approached by a sign writing company who want to sponsor some improvements to the shop frontage. So there are positive projects in progress there. 


I have completed the final accounts for the year ended 30th June 2009 of both the Supporters Club and the Share Scheme and extracts can be downloaded as follows: 

Supporters Club accounts: 

Share Scheme accounts: 

Full copies can be obtained in person from either the Pirate Leisure or Kingswood shops on production of your membership card. There will also be a limited number of copies available at the AGM. 

Turning to the main Supporters Club accounts, the income levels (excluding transfers from the Share Scheme) are, not surprisingly, down on the previous year by some £65k (28%). Overheads have been kept in check though and also reflect the reversion to one outlet with effect from 1st December. After distributing the profit share due to the football club, there still remains a pre-tax surplus in excess of £20,000 which for a “non-profit making” members club is still a very decent result. The balance sheet, whilst changed somewhat following the handing back to the football club of the Pirate Leisure operation, is further strengthened by the years trading activities with net assets closing in on the £200,000 mark. All of this reflects good stewardship by the Executive Committee and confirms that we are in a strong, independent position. 

During the year, the Share Scheme Subscription Agreement was extended to December 2010.

The Share Scheme accounts show a slight tailing off of contributions with a drop of circa 10% on last year. However, it is heartening to see that there are a regular 300+ members as well as new joiners coming on board as well. David Brain and his Share Scheme committee are busily promoting the Scheme and plans continue regarding a successor to the Scheme. The accounts themselves show a “deficit” for the year although this merely reflects the timing difference between contributions being received and then remitted to the Supporters Club for onward share purchases. The important figure in this respect is the accumulated funds of £9,912 which represents net contributions yet to be paid over.   


The 50:50 draw continues to be a great success with the percentage take-up on matchdays as impressive as ever. You will have seen elsewhere on this website the tangible benefits of this draw with the acquisition of a mini bus for the Youth Department. Another success story for the draw! 

I recently took a proposition to the Executive Committee to run a supporters train to one of the more attractive fixtures this season and my first choice was Southampton. However, the prices I was being quoted made it uneconomical. I managed to obtain a more favourable price for a train to Norwich which is an incredibly long journey by road and was pleased to get EC agreement to running it. Steve Burns has kindly given me advice and we are now all systems go with posters and flyers now produced and being distributed. Hopefully we will be successful and similar ventures can be considered in the future. Your support here will be much appreciated. 


This is Dennis Payter’s area of expertise of course, although I have an involvement in respect of my work with the website and once our half-yearly hard copy Newsletter is published and the AGM is out of the way, Dennis and I will be teaming up to progress our inaugural E-Newsletter so please remember to let us have your e-mail address when you renew your membership. 

Finally, if you have any ideas or suggestions please get in touch – you’ll find me in the Supporters Club bar before and after matches or you can get hold of me by e-mail at:


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