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September 28, 2009

Bristol Rovers Supporters Club Notes compiled by Dennis Payter


Kick out the idiots

It was my misfortune to carry out the 50/50 Draw by the ‘dugout’ rather unusually for a change and later to retire for the final 40 minutes of the Oldham game to the box set aside for SC Committee and sellers up at the back of the Uplands Stand. I simply could not believe the number of utterly pathetic individuals in that side of the ground, all I guess to be mature (?) males, who were hurling not only stupid but also foul-mouthed abuse at both members of the team and Paul Trollope especially. I find it absolutely incredible, after all that PT has done for the club inside just four seasons, that he and his players should be subject to such treatment. It would not be so bad if these morons had any idea about how to run a professional football team but of course they don’t, they just think they do! My guess is none of them have played the game above ‘parks’ level, certainly not professionally and they are not Internationals or licensed coaches either. Albion will be out to ‘spoil our party’ again today, as will every other visiting team so, it is up to every true supporter to shout down these few idiots who are hell-bent on making their own bigoted views heard by all and sundry. If there is one near you using foul and abusive language then call a steward as it is their job, (not yours), to put a stop to it. Let’s hope they have nothing to shout about again today!

Today we face another tricky game against a side that always seems to provide difficulties for Rovers at home. I’m more than old enough to remember a late Bruce Bannister penalty being necessary to gain only a draw for Rovers in our last home game of the promotion season at Eastville in 1974 when victory was needed to lift the championship. That came of course after ‘Smash & Grab’ had earlier demolished Brian Clough’s Albion 8-2 at the Goldstone in front of the TV cameras – a rarity in those days. No team has the right to victory and every side worth its salt loves to take points off of a ‘table-topper’, especially on its own turf! I only mention this today because last week was a quite an extraordinary one in this excellent season to date.

There were two more great victories, the first here against an immensely stubborn Oldham Athletic team which came only to spoil and certainly not to come out of its shell and attack, was followed by last Saturday’s first-half drubbing of Brentford.

Dickson’s signing followed-on from a year’s extension to the contract of his mate and now striking partner, Jo Kuffour, and the long overdue upgrading of Paul Trollope from First Team Coach to Manager and the issue to him of a 12-month rolling contract.

These notes were penned before the Supporters Club’s Annual General Meeting that took place here last Thursday evening. A full report on the meeting, which incorporated voting on one of our supporters’ Director positions on the Board of the Football Club, will be made available on our website and in this column as soon as possible. I trust that whichever was the loser out of the two EC members who were standing for election, (Clive Farquhar was challenging Ken Master’s place on the Board), will remain on the Executive as both are far too valuable to lose 

Jim Chappell

BRSC Chairman


 Massive Support

Good afternoon and a very warm welcome to everyone for today’s fixture with Brighton and Hove Albion and an especially warm welcome to Brighton supporters.

Our visitors have invested significantly in the playing side over the summer and so we can expect a keenly fought contest with our Rovers team looking to push on and to extent the very good run that we are seeing at this time.  Six wins from eight games has given us a really solid platform on which to build.

Last Saturday was another amazing away day at Brentford. The spirit amongst our supporters was very high before the game. The players responded with a performance that has kept us riding high in the league table. The level of support was massive. Thank you very much indeed for being there and for the support that you gave to the management team and players throughout the afternoon.  It was so very much appreciated, I am sure of that.

At Griffin Park we saw the kind of unity and togetherness that marked our promotion from League 2. There was a great sense of belief and purpose and the singing of “Now you’re going to believe us” if a touch premature was magic just the same.

A big crowd is expected today so let’s really show them what we are about. This team deserves the very best we can give them so come on Rovers, we can do this, come on you Blues.

Ken Masters

BRSC Director


Norwich Express


More people are now expected to snap up seats on the train following the release of the timetable details.

Members had been anxious to hear how soon we would be arriving at Norwich before buying tickets, but we can now reveal the1.12pm arrival in Norwich and we should be back in Bristol by 10.30pm

The full timetable is:

Weston-super-Mare     dep.     0700

Bristol Temple Meads   dep.     0809

Stapleton Road             dep.     0817

Bristol Parkway                        dep.     0828

Norwich                                   arr.       1312


Norwich                                  dep.     1738

Bristol Parkway                        arr.       2204

Stapleton Road             arr.       2218

Bristol Temple Meads   arr.       2228

 Unfortunately engineering work in the area prevents us from returning to Weston-super-Mare in the evening although alternative transport will be provided for those fans affected.

 Tickets priced at £45 for Supporters Club members and £48 for non-members can be bought at the stadium on match days or from Pirate Leisure (0117 909 6648) or our Kingswood shop (0117 961 1772).

It is hoped that this venture is a success which will allow us to explore the possibility of running further trains to suitable fixtures later in the season so please support us.

Clive Farquhar

Man of the Match

[image3]I would like to take the opportunity to re-iterate Jim Chappell’s words from the last edition on the subject of the Man of the Match award ceremony. We have always wanted this award to continue and have persevered to make sure it does. It will take place in the Club Bar as soon as the winning player can come up to the Bristol Room after the match. But everyone present needs to be aware there will be NO INTERVIEW AND NO SPEECH from our winner. Some players would only be too delighted to speak but others do not want to feel obliged so this is a compromise that seems quite fair. There will be a brief introduction, mention of who came third and second then the winner, to which you can give a Gas “raise the roof”. If you have any comments on this operation, or wish indeed present the award in front of “the Pirate” do not hesitate to make yourself known to me. 

Marc Radford

BRSC Match Day Chairman


Share Scheme

Firstly can I apologise to share scheme members that their Supporters Club membership cards were not sent out at the start of the season. By now all share scheme members should have received their cards so please let Clare McDonagh know if not so that we can send them out.
For those entitled to Matchday meals (and any of the other benefits) can I remind you that these need to be booked through Clare at Pirate Leisure during office hours on (0117) 909 6648 or e-mail to  Any members unsure of their entitlement can contact Clare for further advice.
The following matches have been designated for meals for those entitled:-

Saturday 14th

November 2009

– Carlisle

Saturday 21st

November 2009

– Gillingham

Saturday 9th

January 2010

– Stockport

Saturday 23rd

January 2010

– Hartlepool


March 2010

– Tranmere



Share Scheme Signed Shirt Draw


Today we will be presenting the latest winner, Beverley Dewey, with her signed shirt he won in the draw at the Oldham . At that game we presented Derek Marks with the signed shirt he won in the draw at the previous home game against Millwall.[image2]









Share Scheme News


Membership at the end of August stood at: bronze 221; silver 65; gold 5; platinum 3; total 294. The total monthly income is £4,410. The SC currently has a 7.43% shareholding in the football club and the scheme runs until December 2010. Joining information can be found our website:

If you would like to join or introduce someone else please contact Clare, details as above. If you would simply like to now more about the scheme then please contact David Brain; on (07765) 254110 or



Organised Juniors Matchday Parties


Today we welcome Yate United Junior FC with players from various age teams.  The club was founded in 1971 and has teams from under 7’s through to under 18’s and also this season has started a girls under 12’s team.  Awarded the FA Charter club of the year award in 2008 / 2009 they are aiming to step up to be a “Charter Development” club in 2010.. The visit today has been organised for the 3rd year running by local “Gashead” Clive Milton who manages their under 12 team in the Avon Youth League. Please get your applications for this scheme to or (07765) 254110.

David Brain,

Director and Share Scheme Chairman.


50/50 Draw

June Oliver of Corsham picked up £847 in the 50/50 draw at the Oldham game. Her ticket 05320 was sold by Ian Brain in the car park.



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