Dine before seeing the Dons

October 7, 2009


Milton Keynes Dons v. Bristol Rovers

31st October 2009


[image2]We are trying to improve the away day match experience when using the Supporters Club coach service. Rather than pulling into service station on the way to the match for a break, we are arranging to have a meal stop at a designated pub so supporters can enjoy a bite to eat and a relaxing pint before going on to the match.

The a menu with prices will be available on the coach on the day or you can have a look on  line now. Your free to choose anything from a light snack to proper meal. Food orders will be taken on the coach and telephoned ahead, so food can be served shortly after we arrive. You can leave ordering until we get to the pub, but please note that we plan only to stop for about 1 hour and 15 minutes. This coach will leave 30 minutes earlier then the normal coaches at the times shown above. Supporters Club members can book seats now at the Supporters Club Shop in Kingswood or at Pirate Leisure. This will be limited to one coach only, so early booking is advisable.

The venue for the pub meal stop is the Spread Eagle in Abingdon        www.spreadeagle.org.uk




A hearty bowl of soup £3.95 
Served with a warm wedge of granary bread

Succulent Catfish bites £4.65  (V) 
Battered catfish pieces served with a tangy red onion relish and mixed leaves

Wexford Mushroom Pepperpot £4.65  (V) 
Whole button mushrooms baked in a stilton and pepper sauce served with half a warm baguette

Nic’s Prawn cocktail £4.55 
Prawns in peppercorn and brandy Marie Rose sauce on a bed of Iceberg lettuce, served with a warm baguette

Breaded Mushrooms £4.25  (V) 
Whole button mushrooms breaded and served with BBQ sauce or garlic mayonnaise

Sweet Stuffed Tomatoes £4.65 
Two tomatoes filled with salmon, herbs, onions, lime and tequila, topped with a horseradish mash and baked in the oven served with mixed leaves

Breaded wedge of Brie £4.65(V) 
A substantial wedge of Brie in a sage and onion stuffing coating , baked in the oven, on a bed of mixed leaves with cranberry sauce

Sweet Chilli Prawns £4.95 
King prawn tails on a bed of lemon cooked in a sweet chilli sauce served with our homemade garlic bread and mixed leaves 

Balsamic Goats cheese stack £4.45  (V) 
A tower of granary bread , tomato slices and pesto topped with goats cheese baked in the oven topped with rocket and sweet balsamic vinegar

Why not try one of our delicious garlic breads.

Plain, with cheese

cheese and bacon

or topped with chicken tikka



      On the Rock

These dishes are brought to the table with a Black Rock hot volcanic rock slab for you to cook your meats to your own taste at the table. All weights are approximate uncooked weights.

All served with stir fried onions and mushrooms, choice of potato and sauces to dip.

 Safari Rock for two. £32.50   
Four fillets of various meats of different textures and flavours. Served with fresh pineapple, tomato, stir fried mushrooms and onions plus your choice of potato.

Kangaroo Fillet Steak  £15.45    Zebra Fillet Steak £15.45

12 oz Rump Steak  £14.95                                           Ostrich Fillet Steak £15.45  

8 oz Chateau Fillet  £15.90    Kudu Fillet Steak  £15.45

10 oz Gammon Steak £9.55 served with fresh pineapple

Mixed Meat Grill £15.95

Ostrich, Pork loin, Gammon, Rump steak, Black pudding and fresh pineapple 

3 Rock grilled Prawn skewers £13.95 
10 king prawn tails on each skewer. One skewer marinated in lime and tequila, one in Sweet Jack Daniels sauce and the other plain  

Surf and Turf £15.95 
Either a 12 oz Rump steak, Kangaroo, Ostrich or Zebra with a skewer of prawns in a marinade of your choice. (Lime and Tequila or Sweet Jack Daniels) 

( Choose a rub to add a little flavour to your meal: Garlic, cracked black pepper or Cajun.) 

Main Courses

All main courses are served with your choice of potato and vegetables or salad unless indicated.

(Q) Indicates can be made with Quorn fillets

5 Spice Lamb shoulder £11.95 
On a bed of crushed new potatoes, topped with a red wine and cointreau sauce

Mustard Grill pork £10.45 
Pork steak topped with a tongue warming sweet mustard grill sauce on a leek mash and cinnamon apple fritters

Red Pepperjam Chicken £10.25. (Q) 
Chicken breast, bacon, a spicy red pepperjam sauce, fresh peppers and mixed cheeses baked in the oven

Never The Twain £12.95 
Two gilt sea bream fillets topped with king prawn tails, leeks and garlic, baked in white wine.

Wexford Chicken £9.95  (Q) 
Smothered in a spicy pepper and brandy sauce, stilton and mushrooms

Breaded wholetail Scampi £9.55 
Breaded wholetail scampi, served with chips and peas

Mountainous minted Lamb £11.95 
Topped with minted gravy, served on a bed of spinach mashed potato 

Mustard and dill glazed Salmon £11.45 
Baked salmon with a mustard and dill glaze on a bed of mango salsa 

Acapulco Chicken £10.95 (Q) 
A chicken breast topped with bacon, five spice, sweet mango salsa and mixed cheese

Your choice of Lasagne £8.75 (V) 
Meat or vegetable lasagne served with chips, garlic bread and mixed leaves  

Moby battered Cod £8.95 
A large piece of freshly battered cod, served with chips and peas **may contain bones**

Chicken New Yorker  £9.95 (Q) 
Chicken breast, BBQ sauce topped with bacon and mixed cheese

Chinese Blackbean Chicken £10.95 
Chicken breast, blackbean sauce, onions, mushrooms, and cheese topped with sesame seeds and baked in the oven

Lamb au poivre  £11.95 
Slow baked lamb shoulder on a bed of roasted pepper mash, topped with a peppercorn and brandy sauce

Vietnamese Chicken  £10.25 (Q) 
A chicken breast, sweet chilli sauce, topped with bacon, mixed cheese and pineapple pieces

Guest Ale, Steak and Mushroom pie £9.75 
A large pie topped with puff pastry, made from the guest ale of the week

Upside Down Pork Steak  £10.45 
Pork steak topped with spicy apple chutney and stuffing, baked in the oven, served with a white wine sauce.

Blackened Chicken £10.95 (Q) 
A chicken breast stuffed with black pudding, wrapped in bacon, coated in a rich red wine and onion sauce

Large lemon pepper Catfish £9.55 
Two fillets of catfish, in a lemon pepper breadcrumb, baked in the oven 

Courtown Chicken £9.95 (Q) 
A chicken breast, in a mushroom, Stilton and white wine sauce

Honey roast Ham,  2 eggs and chips with a salad garnish £8.45

Chicken, honey roast Ham and Leek pie in a béchamel sauce  £9.75

Mushroom, Brie, Spinach and Cranberry wellington £9.45 (V) 
Served on a bed of crushed new potatoes topped with a Stilton, mushroom and pepper sauce

Sausage of the day and mash £8.95  
Topped with a red wine and onion gravy plus choice of vegetables, salad or peas 



Whole rack of ribs £12.45 
In our mouthwatering marinade, served with chips, a salad garnish and coleslaw

Dockside ribs and shrimp £12.45 
A half rack of ribs with twelve king prawn tails baked in garlic butter   served with chips, a salad garnish and coleslaw

JD chicken and ribs £12.45 
A half rack of ribs with a chicken breast baked in Jack Daniels sauce   served with chips, a salad garnish and coleslaw

Louisiana catfish bites and ribs £12.45 
A half rack of ribs with chunks of battered catfish served with chips, a salad garnish, coleslaw and red onion relish

Red pepperjam Chicken burger £7.95 
A large chicken breast baked in red pepperjam sauce and onion rings   served with chips, a salad garnish and coleslaw

The Texan Burger (served medium) £7.95 
A homemade 100% beefburger topped with bacon, cheese, onion rings and BBQ sauce, served with fries and coleslaw

The Ultimate in Burgers (served medium) £9.45 
Two homemade 100% beefburgers with onion rings, bacon, cheese and BBQ sauce, served with fries and coleslaw

Sweet Chicken and Bacon  salad  £8.45  (Q) 
Stir fried in French dressing and served with a warm baguette

Warm Goat’s cheese salad £8.45 (V)

Sweet Chilli Chicken salad £8.95 (Q)

Salmon  salad with Dill and Mustard dressing £9.25

Prawn, Salmon and Tuna mayo  salad £8.95



All served with Stealth chips and a salad garnish.

Chicken Bacon and Cheese melt (Q)                  Meatball  marinara and cheese melt

Tuna and cheese melt                                           Acapulco chicken, mango salsa melt

BBQ chicken and cheese melt (Q                       Ham, pineapple and cheese melt

Bacon Brie and cranberry melt                          Chicken Tikka and pepper melt (Q)

Steak, onion and mushrooms (£1.00 extra)      Roasted vegetable melt (V)

Redpepperjam chicken and roasted pepper melt

Goats cheese, mango salsa, peppers, mushroom and onion melt (V)

Sausage of the day with onions and mushrooms

Chinese chicken, blackbean sauce, onion, mushroom and sesame seed melt 


Tuna mayonnaise and cucumber                   Honey roast ham and Cheese

Prawn and marie rose  sauce                                Cheese and onion (V)

Chicken and bacon club                                          BLT 

WRAPS all £4.95

Red pepperjam chicken             Tuna and Cheese

Ham, pineapple and cheese                             Prawn, Mango and Sweet chilli 


Cheese and coleslaw (V)                       Chicken Tikka (Q)

Prawn and Marie Rose sauce               Roasted vegetables and cheese (V)

Cheese and beans (V)                            Sweet chilli chicken and pepper

Ham pineapple and cheese                  Tuna mayo and coleslaw

Chinese chicken, blackbean sauce, onion, mushroom and sesame seed  


All light bite meals are £5.95 unless otherwise indicated and are served with your choice of potato and vegetables or salad.

Steak ale and mushroom pie                         Chicken new Yorker (Q)

Wexford chicken (Q)                        Battered cod

Vietnamese chicken (Q)                     Wholetail Scampi

Breaded lemon pepper catfish                         Honey roast ham 2 eggs and chips

Acapulco chicken (Q)                         Red pepperjam chicken (Q)

Courtown chicken (Q) 

Lasagne, meat or vegetable (V)  (served with chips garlic bread and salad)

Half rack of ribs (served with salad chips and coleslaw) £6.95

6 oz Rump steak with stir fried onions and mushrooms £6.95

5 oz gammon steak with egg, chips and pineapple £6.95

Chicken, honey roast ham and leek pie in a béchamel sauce £6.95

Chinese chicken, blackbean sauce, onion, mushroom, cheese and sesame seeds £6.95



Coca cola League 1, Kick Off 3.00pm, TICKETS IN ADVANCE or PAY ON THE DAY

SEATS (covered corner section): Adults £19.00, 65+ £14.00, U16’s £9.00


Kingswood 10.00am,  Eastville 10.15am, Memorial Stadium 10.30am

COACH FARE: £12.50




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