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February 8, 2010

Following on from my initial summary of the Share Scheme position I can now report on January’s progress. 
As mentioned previously, with some members’ contributions due on the last day of the month, banking deadlines mean that the monthly figures inevitably fluctuate a little as a result. 
The statistics for the month of January are as follows: 

  • Contributions received totalled £4,175 from 293 members    

  • Cumulative members’ contributions received from commencement of the Scheme totalled £827,920    

  • Cumulative Share Scheme contributions paid over by the Supporters Club to BRFC (1883) Ltd   totalled £828,883    

  • Supporters Club total holding at 31st January 2010 was 374,240    

  • Total no. of issued ordinary shares in BRFC (1883) Ltd  at 31st January 2010 was 4,911,687    

  • Percentage holding by the Supporters Club was 7.62%

The Share Scheme runs through to December 2010 and joining information can be found here:



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