September 22, 2012





Ken Masters


So it is in football management it seems and my web watching extends this theory even to the most eminent of the games managers and coaches. Mourinho: Wants to return to England one day.

AOL Sport reports Jose Mourinho has challenged :Barclays Premier League clubs to show they really want him after reiterating his desire to come back to England. AOL goes on to suggest the self styled ‘Special One’, who took the Premier League by storm during his three years as Chelsea boss, is constantly being linked with a return. Who is linking him I wonder, fans and the media perhaps because I cannot recall him having turned down a job since leaving these shores for pastures new; but then we don’t know do we.

AOL reckons Mourinho is the favourite to succeed both Sir Alex Ferguson and Roberto Mancini as manager cf Manchester United and Manchester City, respectively. Take your pick and fill your boots then Jose. The site goes on to say that the Real Madrid boss is also always among the leading candidates whenever the Chelsea job becomes vacant, despite the acrimonious nature of his sacking. Candidate as in on the short list and turned down do they mean; I really don’t think so.

Nonetheless, asked if a return to Stamford Bridge was possible, Mourinho told BBC Radio Five Live:

“I will go where people really want me and, when that moment arrives, they show me they really want me.

“But I have to repeat always this: I am at Real Madrid. I like very much to be [there].”

He added: “I want one day to be back in English football, yes. I always said that.”

“I work for the clubs, I work for the people that trust me, and of course the owners and the directors, but the clubs are the fans.

“For me, it’s one of my qualities. I become immediately one of them and I feel that I am one of them with a privileged position to fight for the club

and to try to bring to all of them happiness.”

Take the point Jose. When the right job comes along you will make a lot of people very happy; yourself, owners, directors and fans alike.

Arsene Wenger‘s position with Arsenal is one of never ending speculation. It is reported on BBC Sport: Football that he will always be an ‘Arsenal man’ and maintains he will only leave if he no longer feels up to the job. Gunner’s chief executive Ivan Gazidis has indicated the club are ready to offer the long serving Frenchman fresh terms before his current deal expires in the summer of 2014.

This from Arsene:

“I have been at the club long enough to have confidence in the people I work with, but I will assess my own performances and then make a decision, at the moment we are not there.

“Two years is a long time in my job. I just want to do well for the club as long as I can and accept all the rest.

“I have to consider that at my age, you always have to assess if you have the fitness, the desire, the commitment that this job demands.

“Then of course you have to make your decisions. I hope I will be lucid enough and intelligent enough to assess my performance well.”

Wenger added:

“I am an Arsenal man. I think I have always shown that. I have to consider if I do well or not. “If I don’t do well, I have to consider my future.”

So there we have it. Will the young guns and new signings keep Arsene’s Arsenal candle burning. Only time will tell.

Who’s waiting for the right job to come along then? Back to AOL for the answer:

“Redknapp waiting for right job.” They say.

AOL goes on:

Harry Redknapp will only return to management if he finds an opportunity

which completely appeals to him. Recknapp is currently helping as an advisor at Bournemouth, where he started his managerial career, alongside some other work commitments. Stick with it Harry, buy them even and finish the stadium for a start.

Then there’s Harry and Son, broadcasters to the nation. Anyway, he also remains keen for a return to management, although he is waiting for a club which is a perfect fit for his ambitions.

“It depends what comes up,” he told Sky Sports.

“It would have to be something I really fancy for me to do it.” “if I am going to do it, I will put myself into it 100 per cent and give everything I’ve got to it.” “We will wait and see what comes up.”

But for how long shall we wait Harry? Not long for sure. Harry will be back and along with Jose he will make the fans very happy.




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