Director’s Report 2012

September 23, 2012



As you will appreciate, since my appointment to the board 12 months ago, it’s been a rollercoaster journey for our football club. As has been mentioned, we have had the exciting news about the highly exciting developments with the new stadium, while at the same time, witnessing disappointments on the field.

With everything going on surrounding the previous manager, I felt I possibly came into the club at one of our most difficult times. However, I am extremely optimistic that Mark will turn things around on the pitch and we will have a team to be proud of our team when we march out with pride into our new stadium should Sainsburys planning permission be granted by Bristol City Council.

Against this background, Ken, Jim and I have worked to keep you informed either online, or in person, regarding ongoing developments. That was why I set up the Fans on Board Facebook page and have tried to respond to questions on Forums and other online outlets. As you will appreciate, this can be extremely time consuming but I have tried to respond as and when time allows.

Many of these questions related to the new stadium and as supporters, you have offered your suggestions as to what you would want to see in the new stadium. Clearly, I have been unable to respond to this until planning permission is granted. However, Toni Watola and I have collected all these ideas on behalf of Nick and the board and we hope to move forward with these ideas once planning permission is hopefully granted.

My aim has been to significantly improve your matchday experience and following your suggestions and support from the Chairman and the board, I would like to feel we have had some successes. These include:

       New TVs for the Bristol Room and one in the Supporters bar

       The reopening of one section of terrace in front of the now Dribuild Stand

       The celebration of the Watney Cup

       The bringing back to the club of former players

However, there are several key issues I am working to resolve. These include:

       Bar prices

       Working with the football league to get over initial new website problems

       Taking on board your ideas for a new stadium and new Supporters Club facilities

In regard to the Share Scheme, I would like to look at this again once we have a decision on planning permission for the new stadium and, because of the delay in decision, this is why I have not moved forward on this. However, because I hope a decision is imminent, I would like to think we can discuss this and other ideas in the very near future.

Both Ken and I have also been talking to the club, looking at the community scheme which offers free tickets to youth clubs and schools and similar organisations. Our aim all-round is to ensure fairness by making sure that as many organisations as possible, each have an opportunity of benefiting from any new ticketing incentives. So therefore let me know by email [email protected] of any proposals you wish to make and I will ask the club to look at this accordingly.

Without doubt, Bristol Rovers has the best set of supporters in the country. May I pay tribute to you all for your substantial support of our club both home and away and in particularly over the Wycombe fiasco. I sincerely hope by the end of this season we are here celebrating news of a new stadium and promotion.

Yours in friendship

Brian Seymour-Smith


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