Charlotte Leslie launches online petition

October 16, 2013

I welcome this New Online Petition says Jim Chappell


I am absolutely delighted to learn about the online petition which has been organised by Charlotte Leslie MP (Bristol North-West)

Her petition highlights hers’ and our concerns regarding the farce that TRASH is using the Judicial Review to deliberately delay and obstruct the building of a new mixed-use development on the site of the Mem which in turn, delays the building or our new stadium at UWE.

Charlotte’s petition, also highlights the strong possibility that TRASH has set up a limited company by guarantee with the intent of going bankrupt in order to avoid legal fees. If proven, this I find appalling because it will mean the taxpayer of Bristol will have to foot the bill! Is this really what the elected members of TRASH were elected to do?

I share Charlotte’s concerns that these delays are bad for jobs, bad for the local community, local facilities and bad for the image of Bristol. I will be signing this petition and I would urge you to do the same! Charlotte needs our help. So please enlist the help of your friends and relatives who have the interest of the future of Bristol at heart to do the same and sign the petition!


Best Wishes

Jim Chappell

Chairman, Supporters Club

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