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May 30, 2014

Supporters Away Travel 2013/2014 Review

Can you help us out by sharing your views?Bristol Rovers training 040714

The Supporters Club executive committee have reviewed the present Away travel service arrangements following feedback from members who have contacted us recently. In most ways the in-house review about the Away travel provision during the 2013/14 season was positive but there are some ways we are considering making changes. We would like to hear your views by Saturday 14th June so that they can influence any decisions we make for the 2014/15 season. We are keen to hear your views about all aspects of the service, including pick-up points, routes, pricing, ticketing, timing of trips, the booking procedure and general travel issues.

In making any changes at this time we are conscious that we must factor in the move to the new stadium in the near future. Could members please forward their comments to the BRSC shop, ( 199 Two Mile Hill Road , Kingswood, Bristol , BS15 1AZ ), or to [email protected] by Saturday 14th June. We are keen to hear the views of the wider membership. By Saturday 28th June, using this website, we will report back to you with the outcomes. Please head your correspondence “BRSC AWAY TRAVEL.”  It would be helpful in your response if you could indicate your typical level of use of the service.  For instance:

(a). I travel to practically all the Away matches and nearly always use the BRSC coach service.

(b). I travel to over half the Away matches and mainly use the BRSC coach service.

(c). I travel to several Away matches on the coach in a typical season.

(d). I only use the coach for the big matches such as Birmingham, Pompey and Wycombe in the 2013/14 season.

(e). I rarely, if ever, travel to Away matches using the official BRSC coach service.

(f). Other, please specify.

By indicating your normal level of use of the service in a season it will better inform our final decisions. Even if you rarely use the current service we are interested in hearing from you if you have used the service in the recent past. We are also interested in your views if you plan to use the service in the season ahead or you have identified barriers to your past or future use of the service.

Many thanks in advance for your feedback.

BRSC executive committee.


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