EGM Questions.

June 10, 2014


TO:- BRSC Membership

FROM:- BRSC Executive Committee

DATE:- Tuesday 10th June 2014.


There are a total of 44 submitted questions. In attempting to categorise the questions the objective is to provide a clear structure on Tuesday 17th June. It is an attempt to ensure most topics are considered and assist in making the EGM worthwhile and effective.

The three stated aims of the EGM are:-

1. A review and evaluation of the causes and impact of our relegation from the football league.

2. An understanding of the strategy and plan of campaign to regain our league status as soon as possible.

3. A sharing of ideas on how the supporters club and its members can best assist the football club to succeed in the future.

Classifying and ordering the questions in terms of these three aims is not straightforward. Over half of the questions can be regarded as rightfully belonging in one or other section but this is not true for a sizeable proportion. A few general and non-specific questions cannot be said to fit into any of the categories comfortably. Several questions might well be considered to be of equal significance in two sections.

There are more questions about the future strategy and plan of campaign to regain our league status as soon as possible than anything else. Many of the questions in this category are seeking specific answers and/or clarification of issues following the board of directors review of the clubs operations, policies and structures. Around one quarter of the total questions relate to the causes and impact of our relegation. The section that has the fewest questions is the sharing of ideas about how the supporters club members can best assist the football club to succeed in future. This composition of questions will need to be broadly reflected in the time allocations for each section at the meeting. This will help to ensure that the level of interest shown by supporters club members on particular topics is fairly addressed.

There are some questions that can only be fully answered by the BRFC chairman, some that might well be wisely answered by particular directors and a number that could be answered by any of the football club directors. Some of the questions might just require input from the first team manager alone and a few questions could be sensibly answered by the first team manager and the BRFC chairman jointly. One or two questions are specifically for the attention of the BRSC EC members and a few may well necessitate a response by board members and the BRSC executive members. There are a few general questions in which it is unclear who the questioner expected an answer from.

Based on the analysis of the questions it is proposed to structure the meeting using these suggested time frames.

Revised Order of EGM Business


1. BRSC Chair’s welcome to the meeting and opening remarks.   (7.00pm – 7.05pm)

2. A review and evaluation of the causes and impact of our relegation from the football league.                            (7.05pm – 7.35pm)

3. A sharing of ideas on how the supporters club and its members can best assist BRFC to succeed in the future.    (7.35pm – 7.55pm)

4 An understanding of the strategy and plan of campaign to regain our league status as soon as possible.               (7.55pm – 8.55pm)

5. BRSC Chair’s thanks for attendance and closing remarks.     (8.55pm – 9.00pm)

In sections 2, 3 and 4 the written questions submitted by the members who attend will be taken first. After these initial questions, those submitted by the wider membership will be raised by a BRSC executive committee member. At the end of each of the key sections 2, 3 and 4, providing the submitted questions are covered, it is anticipated there will be an opportunity for questions from the floor regarding the issues under considerations. It is proposed to include the general and non-specific questions in various sections.

All questions will be allocated to one section only and the aim is to set a time limit of roughly 3 minutes per question. To be fair to all those have submitted questions and to those who attend expecting answers to specific questions the approximate time limits for each section and for individual questions will be necessary. It is hoped to confirm later this week, using the BRSC website, which invited guests will definitely be attending. Our original reason for choosing this particular date was because it was at a time when the Chairman, other directors and the manager confirmed that they were almost certainly able to participate.


Revised Order of EGM Business



1. BRSC Chair’s welcome to the meeting and opening remarks.  (7.00pm – 7.05pm)


2. A review and evaluation of the causes and impact of our relegation from the football league.        (7.05pm – 7.35pm)


Q.1. Last season there were a lot of questions asked throughout the fanbase about transparency. We got given information about what was happening, but never seemed to get any information about why it happened. Norburn’s sudden exit, the Richards / Gow switch, Ward being ‘moved upstairs’ at a critical time of the season are all examples. I fully understand that you cannot give out every drop of information, and you might not of realised that you were alienating your own fans but can you please explain to me what you will do to make fans feel that your not pulling the blinds down on them in the future. (Submitted by Member P)

Q.2. Following the review and evaluation into the causes of the relegation of Bristol Rovers Football Club by the Board of Directors if it is found that any of the Board of Directors are found to be culpable with the cause of the relegation will they be asked to resign ? (Submitted by Morley Sims)

Q.6. ‘On the last day of the season, it was clear that the Club wanted the police to deal with any criminal behaviour by the fans, on a zero tolerance basis, can the Club confirm that a similar approach was taken to any criminal activity in  which staff or players were involved during the season and  can the Club give any more information around the termination by mutual consent, of one players contract, in March? (Submitted by Chris Wathen)

Q.7. Why was no striker brought in during the last window and then the experienced manager moved upstairs right at the end of it? (We had strikers, yes, but they were unfit or not on form.) (Submitted by Richard Hughes)

Q.13. Considering the fact the club has been relegated to the Conference, is it not surprising that that no-one on the board has resigned? (Submitted by Rod Chapman)

Q.14. Has the board completed its review. and considering their lamentable  record in the last few years, is there any likelihood they will learn from past mistakes? (Submitted by Rod Chapman)

Q.16. I don’t believe we are challenging our relegation. We played crap and deserved it. Where does that leave us in the transfer market? Which Division are we recruiting for? This could delay crucial signings. What a shambles! Higgs has spent too much time listening to bloodsucking lawyers get rich regardless of how things turn out. Really annoyed. (Submitted by Pete Gildersleve)

Q.22. There has been considerable concern expressed about the apparent lack of financial planning for a possible relegation. Is it possible now to confirm the total amounts and sources of lost income for next year and subsequent years as a result of our relegation? (Submitted by BRSC EC member)

Q.24. Can you explain why an external group or individual was not brought into the club to conduct the thorough and detailed review of the entire organisation that it has been stated is required to bring around structural improvements? (Submitted by BRSC EC member)

Q.30. Is there a need for new financial support for the board from people who are not currently part of the board of directors? (Submitted by BRSC EC member)

Q.31. Has the review identified that there is a need for a fresh influx of directors with time, energy and expertise to ensure that the football club can make the best of the potential benefits from the new stadium development? (Submitted by BRSC EC member)

Q.38. Will our relegation limit or prevent any of the community based events that the club is currently involved with? (Submitted by BRSC EC member)


3. A sharing of ideas on how BRSC EC and members can best assist BRFC to succeed in the future.       (7.35pm – 7.55pm)


Q.8. Does the constitution of BRSC, in 2.6 mean that BRSC has to implicitly follow every action of BRFC? (Submitted by Richard Hughes)

Q.9. Will the SC carry out a review of the roles played by the Fans’ Directors? Are they able to influence board discussions or actions? Could an example be given by each director of some thing they have been solely responsible for? (Submitted by Richard Hughes)

Q.10. Could the club, Chairman, manager or whoever stop appealing to supporters to turn up at games and get behind the team? Attendances both home and away are above average and the fanbase is the least problem the club faces.  (Submitted by Richard Hughes)

Q.11. Is the relationship between the Supporters club and the Football Club a little too comfortable, meaning that the Supporters are unable to hold the Directors fully to account ? (Submitted by Rod Chapman)

Q.12. Do the fans feel the Fans Directors performance has been adequate? (Submitted by Rod Chapman)

Q.39. From the point of view of the board of directors, what would be lost if there were no supporters club directors at board meetings? (Submitted by BRSC EC member)

Q.40. From the point of view of the board of directors, what would be lost if there was not an active supporters club? (Submitted by BRSC EC member)


4. An understanding of the strategy and plan of campaign to regain our league status asap.              (7.55pm – 8.55pm)


Q.3. Having disenfranchised nearly 10,500 members of the Bristol Rovers Fans Forum following it’s closure what are you going to do to re-engage with many of those loyal Bristol Rovers supporters who are still extremely very angry with that decision other than through Twitter or Facebook? (Submitted by Morley Sims)

Q.4. Would you be prepared to resurrect the Bristol Rovers Fans Forum to run as an unofficial site with independent moderators to enable all the information that has been lost i.e. Fans Forum Sponsors Club to be resurrected? (Submitted by Morley Sims)

Q.5. Are BRFC going to hire a football person(analyst) to regularly assess the performance of the team & hold the manager and his assistant accountable? (Submitted by Trevor Edwards)

( I feel a weekly review of the previous performance of the team should be held, this would avoid the problems experienced in recent seasons, whereby poor selection, tactics & recruitment have seriously hindered the team, ending again in a relegation , we all know where to. Many supporters could see where the problems were last season, Darrell Clarke said he too could see where the problems were last season in his post season interview with Geoff Twentyman, yet all were powerless to do anything about it, because “it was John’s team”. In holding assessments a club is not doing the managers job for him, it is working with him to identify the positives and weaknesses, it focuses the mind of any individual if they know that they will be asked about why they made the business/footballing decisions that they made and the impact that those decisions have had on the results of the team or company. If a manager is left to his own devices & can play as we have witnessed a Virgo up front or a system of play that has failed week after week, then eventually, whilst nothing is being said to halt this situation, he is eventually sacked.)

Q.15. Does Darrell Clarke believe he can build a squad that can compete at the top end of the table? (Submitted by Rod Chapman)

Q.17. At an open forum earlier this year it was stated that the football club would be looking to employ a Chief Executive Officer in the future. Can you confirm that this will still happen and give us some idea of the timescale before a Chief Executive or an MD is appointed? (Submitted by BRSC EC member)

Q.18. To produce meaningful change, structural improvements and the leap forward the club desires an externally recruited CEO is necessary.

Can you confirm that the review of club operations has identified that this fresh appointment is one of the key catalysts for moving forward? (Submitted by BRSC EC member)

Q.19. Supporters have expressed concerns that the club has focused too much on the New Stadium rather than the footballing side. Is it now time for the Chairman’s skills in delivering the stadium to be acknowledged by delegating the footballing side to another director or a CEO? (Submitted by BRSC EC member)

Q.20. There has been considerable questioning of the inadequacy of the scouting structure at the club in recent times. Can you confirm what the scouting system in future will be and why this will be an improvement on the system under recent managers? (Submitted by BRSC EC member)

Q.21. In recent seasons we have seen a succession of players with long term injuries. Has the review of the club’s operations been able to identify any ways in which this can be avoided in the future? (Submitted by BRSC EC member)

Q.23. In light of the fact that we have signed several players in recent seasons that have then been plagued by injuries does our medical assessment procedure before signing players need to be examined? (Submitted by BRSC EC member)

Q.25. It has been announced that directors have been given specific responsibility for aspects of the football club. Could you outline the areas identified to focus upon, the directors allocated to each area and the outcomes of each area reviewed? (Submitted by BRSC EC member)

Q.26. Player recruitment appears to have been problematic in recent times. Has the review conducted by the board identified any ways in which the ability to attract players to the club will be less of an issue in the season ahead? (Submitted by BRSC EC member)

Q.27. Relegation does not happen entirely by accident. Has the review and evaluation of the events of recent times identified any particular areas that the board are prepared to state were the decisions or non-actions that were most harmful to the aim of keeping league status? (Submitted by BRSC EC member)

Q.28. Can you outline how young players who have recently stepped up from the youth ranks such as Aaron, Jamie, Dominic and Danny will improve in the season ahead when there is no league for them to play in and an absence of competitive matches for them to play in? (Submitted by BRSC EC member)

Q.29. It has been stated that the youth team funding is phased out over two seasons when a side leaves the league. Can you outline how the youth team structure will be maintained and how the youth team at the club will be funded if we do not get back into the league quickly? (Submitted by BRSC EC member)

Q.32. Currently, training for teams within the football club is based at a number of separate bases. Is the club in a position to actively seek to improve the training facilities for the youth team, the first team and for the club as a whole? (Submitted by BRSC EC member)

Q.33. Can you confirm that the UWE Stadium development plans are on course and that there are no new unannounced legal barriers? (Submitted by BRSC EC member)

Q.34. Is there a commitment from the board to provide a club pay policy that is much more incentive based designed to attract hungry and ambitious players with something to prove even though it may hinder the recruitment of more established league players? (Submitted by BRSC EC member)

Q.35. Can you confirm whether or not there are the equivalent of FFP/SCMP restrictions in non-league football that will limit our financial decisions and recruitment of players in the year ahead? (Submitted by BRSC EC member)

Q.36. What are the key actions the Board intend to take to ensure the swiftest possible return to the Football League? (Submitted by BRSC EC member)

Q.37. What are the most important decisions the board will be making to ensure that we have a successful 2014/15 season? (Submitted by BRSC EC member)

Q.41. John Ward was sacked as the Director of football recently. Can you confirm whether this was because of financial pressures or because the club will not have a long-term structure with a Director of Football included as part of the management set up? (Submitted by BRSC EC member)

Q.42. The fitness coach from last season has been sacked. Can you confirm how the role and duties that were his responsibility will be fulfilled in the season ahead? (Submitted by BRSC EC member)

Q.43. Can you confirm what criteria is being used in the selection and recruitment of potential first team players in the future? (Submitted by BRSC EC member)

Q.44. What assurances can you give that the team can challenge for promotion into the football league at the end of the 2014/15 season? (Submitted by BRSC EC member)


5. BRSC Chair’s thanks for attendance and closing remarks.   (8.55pm – 9.00pm)




If anyone has any questions or concerns about any aspect of the above please contact the BRSC shop, (199 Two Mile Hill Road, Kingswood, Bristol, BS15 1AZ), or by email to [email protected] by Friday 13th June.

We look forward to a healthy attendance by the membership for the BRSC EGM on Tuesday 17th June at The Memorial Stadium between 7.00pm and 9.00pm.

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