A Big Thank You

June 18, 2014

BRSC EGM Feedback

A massive thank you to the 116 supporters club members who attended on Tuesday 17th June.


This meeting was a small step forward along that long and winding road that we are travelling upon.

Special thanks are extended to those members who submitted questions in writing or asked questions from the floor. Sincere thanks to those who had travelled long distances to make the meeting, those who rearranged holidays to be there and the invited guests.

The minute taking was undertaken by two EC volunteers who will be combining their notes in the next few days. Minutes of the meeting will be posted on this website as soon as they are available. Along with the previously submitted questions there were plenty of questions from the floor so their task will be onerous. The hurt, anger and pain that exists among us all was evident throughout the evening but the meeting took place in a respectful yet challenging manner. The BRSC Executive Committee would like to thank all those members who attended for the way in which they conducted themselves and actively contributed throughout the evening.

At the meeting we asked members to update their contact details. Thank you to those who did this. This is part of an ongoing effort to reach the point where we can directly communicate more frequently with members in the season ahead.

We would welcome your views about all aspects of this particular meeting. These comments will be important in our decisions about any future Fans Forum style meetings. We will provide feedback on the comments to the membership via the BRSC website by Thursday July 10th.

Could members please forward their comments to the BRSC shop, (199 Two Mile Hill Road, Kingswood, Bristol, BS15 1AZ), or to [email protected] by Thursday 3rd July. Please head your correspondence “MEETINGS REVIEW.”

We appreciate all the feedback provided by members this last month on the AWAY TRAVEL, the 50/50 DRAW, and the current WEBSITE. If you have any views on any of these matters feel free to contact us with your observations and views, even if the stated deadline has passed.

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