Review Feedback

June 27, 2014

Supporters Away Travel 2013/2014 Review Feedback

Many thanks to those members who contacted us with their views on the Away travel service currently run by the supporters club.

STUART SINCLAIR in Rovers Training

We asked for your views and as a consequence we are considering making some adjustments for next season. The BRSC Executive Committee will be asked to consider the findings of the review and to agree the arrangements and structure for next season. The review has highlighted some areas that we could improve and brought in some suggestions that are not affordable or practicable. There were many areas that were considered satisfactory or better and some aspects of the provision that could be amended.

We asked for your views and received comments about several aspects of the service, including the following:-

1. Existing pick-up points,

2. Routes taken between pick-up points and the routes to matches,

3. Pricing structure and general level of prices,

4. Booking procedure and the process of obtaining tickets,

5. Timing of trips in terms of departure time and arrival time,

6. General travel issues, such as the time and place of stops on both the outward and return journeys.

7. Service level overall, including the coach stewards and the standard of the coach provided for the trips.

Before bringing in any changes proposed by members, discussions over the key proposals have been held with the Away travel organisers, our Away coach operator and some of the coach stewards. We are planning to conduct a detailed survey of the views of the regular coach users during 2014/15 and we have revisited the BRSC Guidelines for Coach stewards. For the future we are discussing a fixed starting point, looking at slightly earlier departure times for some matches and considering possible locations for the Kingswood pick-up point among other options.

The BRSC EC will be considering all the proposed amendments in their next meeting in early July. We will then report their decisions to you.

50/50 Half Time Draw Review Feedback

Many thanks to those members who have expressed their views on the 50/50 Draw currently operated by the supporters club.

Issues raised were the prizes on offer and the possibility of identifying specific targets for the youth team through our fund-raising. These two aspects will be considered by the Executive Committee members at their July meeting and any changes will be notified on the BRSC website in mid-July. There seems to be general support for most aspects of the scheme as it presently runs.

Changing the prize structure on offer in January 2014 by introducing a fixed £100 second prize for most matches was welcomed by many but not all. A few fans thought that even more prizes would be good; providing they were worthwhile ones. There were no suggestions of new or alternative selling points, of other ways to announce the results or the process of taking the match day draw. The winning numbers will still be available on the BRSC website and the BRFC Official Site in the season ahead. The overall objective of raising funds for the youth team was well supported. This scheme will be reviewed again next season and we will continue to welcome your observations at all times in the future.

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