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July 30, 2014

Welcome back after the summer holidays for those who have been away. For some, no chance and for other’s like me, its Germany in September, although I must admit I am a little late to join in the German World Cup winning celebrations.
Talking about winning, I really do feel Darrell is at last starting to put together a very decent side. Judging by the number offans who have contacted me on this subject on twitter, it looks like you  feel the same way too.     Gloucester City V Bristol Rovers  260714
Pre-season matches such as Coventry City, are always good games to watch and do offer some kind of measure, but the real test of course comes when battle commences and the season gets underway.
Yes, I want this to happen as quickly as possible and to get up and out of this league asap. Its time to ask for that brilliant Gashead roar and once cry once again for our lads, many of them new to the famous blue and white quarters, and give them all the support they need to help us win football matches and win this league.
Let this season 2014-2015, be the season when we all at last have a smile put back on our faces and we can celebrate a team in which we can all be proud.
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