Can do – Will do!

August 7, 2014


Want to give yourself a headache?

Want to be put on the spot?

Want to actively assist the Supporters club and/or BRFC in some way?

Want to actually do something?

No problem then.

As the season approaches we are all conscious of the tough financial constraints.

Lower crowds, less merchandise sold and  fewer travelling on the away coaches are all distinct possibilities.

In these circumstances, willing volunteers, (aka mugs), will become like gold dust.

mug 4 ROVERS

Then again, if you want to be valued and appreciated please use the Contact Us form and let us know you are a Can-Do Will-Do supporter.

mug 5 ROVERS


What might you be asked to do at some future point?  Only those things you want to do.

The sort of thing we would like to have on the BRSC Can-Do Will-Do database includes:

1. Happy to help out before the start of matches for a few hours. (sell programmes?)

2. Willing to help out with some general D-I-Y activities at 199. (fit a new door?)

3. Prepared to provide support and assistance with the IT provision at 199. (health check on the computers?)

4. Able to assist in the further development of the BRSC website. (develop a merchandise section?)

5. If and when 199 is sold or developed  will be able to help with the temporary/permanent move of stock. (woman with a van?)

6. In the event of pitch help on the morning of the match being needed this is for you. (dig that fork?)

7. Glad to spend a little time redecorating the club shop at some point. (stand on a ladder?)

8. Advise on a range of suppliers that have products that are suitable for stocking in the shop. (top quality/low price?)

9. Creative and imaginative ideas of new fund-raising methods that would be popular with fans. (player/chair as a slave for a day?)

10. Willing to initiate and maintain a Gas business group. (lead a steering/advisory group?)

The list goes on. In the past some of these and other activities might have been paid for but maybe in future this will be tricky.

You will not necessarily be needed soon but in the event of assistance being required we will have a starting point.

Please quote your Membership number and provide up-to-date contact details in any correspondence.

Please indicate the sort of task you would not mind doing, e.g. lifting covers off the pitch, and the times you are able to help out, e.g. match days.


Many thanks in anticipation.

BRSC Executive Committee





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