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August 11, 2014

double gloucester (2)

View from “Gloster” Gas

If you have not seen the new look side yet, you might be in for a pleasant surprise. Lots of energy, passing, forward movement and from the touchlines, it looks like there is a good spirit as well. Granted, you cannot tell much from pre season, but from having hit rock bottom there are at least some green shoots showing on the playing side.

I think we may also have a new ‘terrace favourite’ on our hands in Stuart Sinclair.

Bristol Rovers V Coventry City 010814


He is the one with the superb beard and long hair, looks pretty much like a genuine pirate raider. He seems to have endless energy, loves a tackle and appears never to have understood the concept of lost cause. He even got his own song at the Coventry game to the tune of Sloop John B ; one of the best for a while.

Others will disagree I am sure, but having seen them three times, with the I really think this seasons team as a whole looks a lot better than the one we started last season with.

Up The Gas

David Miller


double gloucester 3

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