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August 11, 2014

Brian’s Blog August 11th 2014

With a new season just starting I would also like to welcome the new players who have come to Bristol Rovers and welcome all our new supporters as well, both old and young. For you all, I sincerely hope this is the start of a new fantastic relationship as we strive to return our football club back to Football League status and beyond.

I hope like me, you have been heartened by the lad’s pre-season performance against Coventry last week. Without doubt, there were clear signs that at last we are starting to get a side together which has a passion, desire and talent to bring much overdue success to our football club this season.

I appreciate that at the time of writing, Darrell was talking about bringing in about another three new faces in key areas and I totally support this, in particular to ensure we have a strike force to put the fear of God into our opponents and then at last our fortunes will begin to change for the better.

As you will appreciate, the elections for Bristol Rovers Supporters Club Director are once again upon us. Please visit the Supporters Club website to see the manifesto from myself and from Rod.

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Rod’s Election Address


Brian’s Election Address


Election News

It’s for you to decide who you feel will best represent the views of all our supporters on the board and to make your considered decision from there. Whatever the outcome, I would like to thank you all for your support during what has been a highly challenging three years. I sincerely hope the next three years are about the completion of a new stadium and promotion back to the Football League.

So let battle commence – and once again thank you for your support!



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