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August 14, 2014

On and Off The Pitch

I struggled to get to Barnet with some personal domestic issues to deal with at present. However, my wife and I arrived in time to join Barry Bradshaw in representing the Football Club at officials level for this first away league match of the season. I was pleased to make it and would was glad not to be the lone director there. It is good for staff, players and away fans when the directors are visible and present at away games. It was good to be there with a decent turnout of Rovers supporters. Thank you for travelling.


(Lee Mansell at Barnet where he was the most likely player to score.)

I had some trouble working out the game plan in the first half and we fell behind to two gifts on the break. We were slightly better in the second half and you could see evidence of a group wanting to pull on the shirt. All the very best to Tom Lockyer who took a nasty blow from an unpunished opponent. We did miss a number of chances but as we know it is goals that win football matches. We will have another go at Altrincham on Saturday.

Martin Allen

(Barnet Manager, Martin Allen, in typical mood.)

Barnet never fail to surprise me. They just embrace football and appear to be building an impressive resource for first team, youth and the community. The energy that they have behind the scenes to bring about a dream has to be admired. And what do they get in return?
Well, much less than 2000 of their own fans following a 5 nil away win!  I was bound to ask myself; what could and would they do with over 7000?

Will Puddy V Barnet

(Will Puddy, making his debut, collects a first half cross.)

Best wishes



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