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September 14, 2014

Brian Seymour-Smith Report

Supporters Club AGM 2014

It was exactly three years ago, when you kindly elected me to join Ken Masters as a Fans Director to the board of Bristol Rovers FC. As a life-long supporter, you have no idea how honoured and delighted I was to accept that nomination. I hope during my three years, although there have been the usual critics and there always will be, the vast majority of members feel that your voice is being heard and responded to by the board.

Without doubt, it has been an extremely challenging time in which several managers have come and gone and the rest is history and misery.  I know as supporters, we are all doing everything we can to rectify our problems and working like mad to support our team to help them get back into league football.

For those few who may criticise the Supporters Club for what they believe as the BR SC being ‘out of date’ and ‘out of touch’, then to me, the only cobwebs which exist are on those who fail to appreciate the value of our Supporters Club and the invaluable service it provides in supplying nearly £100,000 a year in revenue to our football club. So why not join us?

During my three years, I have seen at first hand what a brilliant job our Supporters Club does in raising money and providing voluntary services in all winds and weathers to support Bristol Rovers FC. To you all, the Supporters Club Executive, The Share Scheme, Helpline, 50-50, Away Travel, Club Shop, the Meet and Greet, the Programme Sellers, Young Pirates and all the many other precious volunteers who give up so much of your time, I thank you so much. You have my total admiration.

As with all other clubs who rely significantly on a volunteer fan base, I sincerely believe without your contributions, Bristol Rovers FC would be unable to function.

 In recent months it is clear that the Supporters Club, led by its executive, is in the process of re-inventing itself to ensure it meets all the major demands required if our club is to move forward. New faces have been included, all of whom have brought new ideas and a new passion to already very passionate and committed members.

As we continue in our expectations of a new stadium, it was members of the Supporters Club who worked strenuously to organise and obtain signatures for the new stadium petition. The new website is there for all to see and this will develop into a major form of communication as we move forward.

New plans are being developed for the way we do our business, including the necessary sale of Kingswood, and a total review of how the Supporters Club serves you as members with a new stadium in mind.

It is vital that the board and other supporters of Bristol Rovers are reminded of this contribution. Both Ken and I have constantly shown loyalty to the board, whilst at the same time, making sure that your concerns and questions are always at the top of the agenda. I hope the new Open Forums are proof of this.

Should I not be returned after tonight’s meeting, then I kindly thank you with all my heart for the past three years and I am sure my successor and those to come in future years, will always do everything possible to serve you just the same!

Yours in Friendship

Brian Seymour-Smith


2014 Bran Seymour Smith

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